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Links for October 23 2011

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  • Reductio Ad Absurdum by Jim Shamlin

    Quote: Don’t get me wrong: I’m a fan of surrealism and I adore absurdity, which means I’ll gladly watch a thirty-second film of a ballerina in a bowler hat throwing overripe apricots at a chimpanzee against the backdrop of an art museum … but I don’t think I’ll buy the brand of hammer they’re trying to sell me, and I’ll likely have the impression it”s probably overpriced and not very good at driving nails.

  • Blow Up Your Business Before Someone Else Does by Simon Sinek on Re:Focus

    Quote: A great idea is a great idea and great ideas cannot be suppressed – at least not forever. The ones who get to profit from the great ideas, however, are not the one who develop them necessarily, but the ones willing to embrace those ideas before anyone else does.

  • Consumerization of IT, Well… by Michael Fauscette

    Quote: Businesses are under tremendous pressure to change into a more social, open and collaborative enterprise build on information, knowledge sharing and a networked business model. These consumer proven technologies are accelerating and supporting this transition and are necessary. Even so, they must grow to meet enterprise standards or take advantage of new technology that can ride between the consumer and the enterprise to provide the needed security, protection and scalability.

  • The Schizophrenic CFO-CIO Relationship by Susan Cramm on Valuedance

    Quote: CFOs can help improve the CFO-CIO relationship by adopting an enterprise perspective, leveraging their authority, and getting smarter about IT

  • The signal to noise crisis by Oliver Marks on ZDNet

    Quote: The hamster wheel era of frantic Twitter trawling and spending hours reacting and interacting with your multiple channels is over – far more important is quality over quantity, foundation and focus. We will continue to be flattered and propositioned by marketers online but don’t confuse that with your effective use of information.

  • We Are Who We Hire by David Brock on Partners in EXCELLENCE Blog

    Quote: The people we hire are a reflection of us and our companies.  They are a reflection of what we value, our culture, our operating style, what we think of our customers. We tend to hire in our own image. If we are hiring all the wrong people, what does that say about us and our company? What does this say about what we think of our customers, or how we want them to be handled.

  • Why We Need to Market IT Operations by Bill Keyworth on The Cutter Blog

    Quote: If we don’t ensure market recognition of what we do within IT, it simply wonâ??t happen. Delivery of technology and IT processes for business use is a competency factor that is second nature to IT operational staff whose career anchor is in providing critical automation tools and effective service. However, positioning or marketing that delivery so that its value is simple, compelling, and obvious to business personnel is not second nature to most IT professionals

  • Stupid and lazy by Seth Godin

    Quote: Isn”t it amazing that we”d rather call ourselves stupid than lazy? At least laziness is easy to fix.


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Links for October 23 2011: Reductio Ad Absurdum by Jim ShamlinQuote: Don’t get me wrong: I’m a fan of surrealism…

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