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  • Why Your New Process Is A Waste of Time. And Might Just Kill Your Company….by Andy Porter on Fistful of Talent

    Quote: Processes often replace dialogue. A smart guy once told me never to introduce any process that replaces an actual conversation. Yes, a process can make your work more efficient but most real insights tend to come from where there are disagreements and the discussion around how to overcome the disagreements. If you’re sending Sally down the hall a checklist rather than going to have an actual conversation, stop it immediately!

  • The Most Important Job in the World? by Danny Brown

    Quote: We look at life through funny lenses. We see people in lesser light when often we should be shining the light on them. We celebrate our own importance when, often, that importance could be survived if it were to disappear overnight.

  • SIT DOWN. SPEAK UP. OWN YOUR ROLE. by Erika Napoletano on Redhead Writing

    Quote: Successful companies and brands not only embrace who they are and have confidence in what they have to offer – their leaders own their roles in the process. Sit down. Speak up. Own your role. No one else is going to fulfill that role for you or get done what needs getting done unless you have a team built who can establish direction. How we carry ourselves in business dictates what we can get done and who wants to be along with us on that wild ass ride.

  • IT: Business Asset or Strategic Liability? Your Choice by Larry Tieman on

    Quote: The lesson for CFOs is that if an IT capability is not part of a growth agenda, part of improving the customer experience, or part of developing innovative new products or services, it’s worse than a cost center; it’s a strategic liability. And it’s not a liability that you can just close down or outsource to someone and consider the job done. The decision to make IT a more efficient cost center is a decision to cede innovation to companies that can build an IT capability into a strategic asset.

  • Storytelling-An Essential Tool for Leaders by John Izzo PhD

    Quote: Organizations and leaders need to be very intentional about the stories they tell but they also need to create space for people to tell their own stories. One of the wonderful things about a good story is that it can be told over and over again. Have you ever noticed that children want to hear the same bedtime stories over and over? It’s because good stories never grow old.

  • SIM CIO survey: IT budgets trend up, BI reigns as top CIO investment by Linda Tucci on TotalCIO

    Quote: CIOs still have serious worries. Of the Top 10 IT management concerns of 2011, the first four focus on using technology to help the business compete. IT and business alignment claimed the top spot in 2011, followed by business agility and speed to market. Reducing business expenses through business process management and reengineering took the third spot; and increasing business productivity and cost reduction came in fourth.

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