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Links for Oct 3 2010

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  • 5 Things to Know Before Buying Marketing Automation by Carlos Hidalgo on MarketingProfs Daily Fix Blog

    Quote: If you are thinking of automating your marketing, here are 5 thing to know before buying marketing automation.  If you have already purchased it, don’t worry, it’s not too late. These 5 tips can help you too.

  • The Enterprise Value of Social Software by John Hagel III and John Seely Brown – Harvard Business Review

    Quote: If executives are wary of cloud computing, they are flat-out skeptical of social software. When most non-IT executives hear “social software,” they stop listening at “social” and imagine internet-aided water cooler chatter. They fear the loss of worker productivity — digital technology provides a seemingly endless array of distractions in the workplace. Executives cannot help but lose sleep over the potential loss of confidentiality and expanded opportunity for airing personal grievances

  • Cluetrain vs. Madison Avenue by Valeria Maltoni on Conversation Agent

    Quote: I’ll make it really simple for you to see the difference. Fundamentally, this is a conversation about putting the human being first or putting the brand/idea first

  • The Journey of a Business Strategist CIO by Louie Ehrlich, Chevron on CIO Dashboard

    Quote: What’s the CIO’s world look like at that highest level? Most of our focus is external, on the market and our company’s customers. Our teams are business-oriented. We are true business peers in our relationships with other stakeholders. The most critical competencies we are applying pertain to market knowledge and external customer insight. The value that IT is creating at this level is competitive advantage, innovation, and better decisions, enabled through the application of rich business intelligence.

  • Education as a platform by Marie Bjerede on O’Reilly Radar

    Quote: Any and every education reform design is going to fail for two reasons. The first is that the problem is not one that is solvable by “design” in the traditional engineering sense — the education system, including all its human elements, is too complex for that. The second is that the system as currently built contains feedback loops that damp out change.

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