Links for Nov 11 2012

Technology Consultant - Eric D. Brown | Image for link posts
  • ITSinsider | Fracking for Value in the Enterprise

    Quote:  It’s kind of like fracking in the bedrock of the enterprise for stored value.  Chris Morace, Jive Chief Strategy Officer, calls it finding the “money laying around” in your organization when you start viewing your organization in a modern way and start using social technology strategically.

  • Econsultancy’s CEO: Marketing needs pi-shaped people – Chief Marketing Technologist

    Quote: According to Friedlein, pi-shaped people are “marketers with a broad base of knowledge in all areas, but capabilities in both ‘left brains’ and ‘right brain’ disciplines. They are both analytical and data-driven, yet understand brands, storytelling, and experiential marketing.”

  • Influence Isn’t a Guarantee

    Quote: If you want to be a more effective leader, you must recognize the role influence plays in your work.  There is little about your work as a leader than you can guarantee (or you have control over). But you do have control over your actions, which may influence others.

  • Be Forewarned: Your Knowledge is Decaying – Samuel Arbesman – Harvard Business Review

    Quote: We need to constantly reeducate ourselves, avoid memorization, and start looking up facts to make sure that we have the most updated knowledge. We need to incorporate an informational humility into our lives. Otherwise, we’ll be stuck selling buggy whips to car owners. Or making maps that show the wrong number of planets.

  • Is Your Sales Strategy Based On Assumptions? | Partners in EXCELLENCE Blog — Making A Difference

    Quote: As you develop and execute your sales strategies, make sure you are acting based on what the customer has said, what you have validated directly with them.  Until it comes directly from the customers’ mouths, you are just guessing.