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Links for May 5 2013

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  • Innovate on Purpose: Breaking out of the m (old) for disruptive innovation

    Quote: When you want truly disruptive innovation, you will need to break the mold, step out into completely new technologies, capabilities and delivery systems. The reason innovation appears to be stagnant in many industries is that few firms are willing to disrupt the existing technology or delivery systems – they have too much at stake to do so, and the few new entrants or substitutes can arise when entry costs are high and new technologies seem so risky or uncertain. In a time when we are all holding our collective breath over the economic fortunes of the economies of the US and Europe, few organizations are making big bets.

  • “Bring Your Own Device” Evolving From Trend to Requirement – Arik Hesseldahl – Enterprise – AllThingsD

    Quote: And if you’re looking for some figures to drive the point home, here’s one: 38 percent of companies expect to stop supplying employees with their devices entirely by 2016. But executives aren’t yet completely sold on the idea: Only 22 percent say they’ve made a good business case for adopting a BYOD move. There are, Gartner said, many benefits, not the least of which are lower costs and a happier work force.

  • Four ways data scientists are using digital art to humanize data — Tech News and Analysis

    Quote: The growing pains of big data were apparent at the Data 2.0 Summit on Tuesday in San Francisco. Here is a selection of visualization tools that came up at the meeting.

  • CIOs Struggle with the Great Talent Hunt –

    Quote: According to a CIO Executive Council survey of 200 IT leaders this year, IT organizations are least proficient in the "ability to develop, market and present compelling visions of IT-enabled business opportunities" followed by the "ability to appreciate and incorporate external customer needs and experience." If corporate IT were composed of employees with equal parts business and technology knowledge, those might be dominant skills. So why don’t CIOs just hire more well-rounded workers? Because they don’t tend to exist in the wild.

  • Technology Is A Canvas, Not A Platform

    Quote: And as if all of these creative disciplines were not enough, the technology requires us to improvise and be in the moment. For marketers, using technology as a canvas means our challenge is to produce original, attention-grabbing content while understanding how best to use each of the media available to us to its best advantage. And we need to do all of this while understanding that it must resonate with the community we want to reach.

  • The Agile CIO as a Business – IT Marriage Counselor — CIO Dashboard

    Quote: CIOs who can help guide both parties in a business towards mutual understanding and common goals are delivering real value: projects delivered on time, on budget with the functionality the company needs to compete. And one of the best tools at his or her disposal to create that value can be agile delivery models. The mutual accountability, shared responsibility and direct communication at the heart of agile methods could be the recipe for success at home or in the workplace.

  • Dave Black Gave Away the Secret! : Moose Peterson’s Website

    Quote: What’s the secret, why have I made you wait this long to hear it? Well, I figured that if you really want to know the secret, you would read this. And if you really don’t, then you’re not even reading this now. And if you are just skimming this, I know the secret will remain the secret. Here is it, just like how Dave said it so matter of factly, emphasized with great images larger than life on the screen behind him. “Success comes from hard work! Why? Because few others want too!” Yeap, that’s it, that’s all there is to it.

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