Links for May 20 2012

Technology Consultant - Eric D. Brown | Image for link posts
  • The Fallacy of Information Overload by Brian Solis

    Quote: Information overload is a real phenomenon, but it is I believe, by design. It either works for us or against us and it is our choice as to which way the stream flows. To be clear, information overload is a symptom of over consumption and the inability to refine online experiences based on interest and importance.

  • The Inexperience Advantage by Daniel Gulati on Harvard Business Review

    Quote: Inexperience doesn’t equal ineptitude, and we need to stop treating young professionals like second-class citizens. To those of you who think that your inexperience is a chronic disadvantage, stop. Don’t let anyone confuse your inexperience in performing a task with an inability to perform it. Instead, be encouraged and seize the opportunity to remain humble, play to your advantages, and show the world you can do better.

  • Smart people don’t think others are stupid by Derek Sivers

    Quote: So when someone says “They are so stupid!” – it means they’ve stopped thinking. They say it to feel finished with that subject, because there’s nothing they can do about that. It’s appealing and satisfying to jump to that conclusion.

  • How We Become What We Are Not by Geoff Snyder

    Quote: We are not born with an innate sense of distrust of others. We do not enter life with the belief that the Divine is external to us, watching us, judging us, loving us, or simply being indifferent to our plight. We do not suckle at the breast with shame about our bodies or with racial prejudice already brewing in our hearts. We do not emerge from our mothers’ wombs believing that competition and domination are essential to survival. Nor are we born believing that somehow we must validate whatever our parents consider to be right and true.

  • The CIO & The Board – How to make this marriage work by Art Langer on WSJ

    Quote: One thing seems to be certain—CIOs are needed more and more at the board level. The value they bring as a driver of value is apparent; the question will be whether the CIO is ready to step up and provide it.

  • Two Words That Kill Innovation and Creativity by Lindsey Caplan on LeaderLab

    Quote: It’s possible these two little words are killing the innovation and creativity of your team: “Yes, But”.