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Links for May 13 2012

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  • Don’t Underestimate the Quiet Ones by Mary Jo Asmus on Aspire-CS

    Quote: In the end, we need all kinds of people in leadership. Don’t overlook those who are quieter than the rest. Get to know them, understand their strengths and determine whether your assumptions are correct. You might be pleasantly surprised at what the quiet can do for your organization when they are encouraged to lead.

  • The Diffusion of the Consumerization of IT by Jim Harris on OCDQ Blog

    Quote: From my perspective, traditional IT departments are just now crossing the chasm of the diffusion of the consumerization of IT, and are conflicting with the business units that crossed the chasm long ago with their direct adoption of cloud computing, SaaS, and mobility solutions not provided by the IT department.  This divergence caused by the IT department and some business units being on different sides of the chasm has damaged, and potentially irreparably, some aspects of the IT-Business partnership.

  • Why Authenticity Works In Social Media by Ali Goldfield on ADR Social Media

    Quote: So I’m here to stress that while it is important, as a Brand or business, to create an air of authority in your field, it is just as critical to really interact with your audience on their level. If that means asking questions on Facebook to create engagement or allowing comments on your blog in order to generate  a healthy discussion of your customers’ needs and wants, then so be it.

  • Honing Twitter’s Power to Improve Healthcare Communication by Brian S. McGowan, PhD on Social Media Explorer

    Quote: If you ask physicians what they like best about the continuing education courses they take, they’ll tell you that they enjoy engaging with other doctors in the hallways; they love the interactivity of the sessions. If you followed those same physicians back to their workplaces and asked how they answer the questions that are raised over the course of a normal workday, they’d tell you that they consult with a colleague. What they won’t say, probably because they lack the perspective, is that the majority of learning that occurs over a medical career is social learning. My proposition is that social media applications, like Twitter, are the natural evolution of the social learning that takes place in hallways and lecture halls throughout the country. The added benefit is that social media can extend learning across time and space so questions can be posed, and answered, by broader audiences of healthcare professionals.

  • Understanding Which Investments Should go to the Cloud by Mike Walker

    Quote: The truth is, most companies significantly underestimate the scope of change required to establish cloud services until it’s too late. In the traditional model, companies buy technology from a vendor as a capital investment, and continue to invest in maintaining and servicing it over time. With the cloud being a service, however, the financial model should be treated more like a utility, requiring the reallocation of budget from capital expenses into operating expenses.

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