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Links for May 12 2013

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  • When Does Customer Sentiment Matter? –

    Quote: The company was able to look through customer verbatim online comments to filter for negative impressions of its password recovery capabilities. “We haven’t paid enough attention to it even though password problems have been among the top five in our call centers for years,” he said. After sussing out negative sentiment online and making an improvement to some specific password complaints, it again applied basic text and sentiment analytics to check into whether customers took a positive or negative spin on the results.

  • The Emergence of Chief Digital Officers | MIT Sloan Management Review

    Quote: As social and other digital technologies shift responsibilities in the C-suite, businesses are creating a new position, the chief digital officer or CDO, to focus their digital strategy

  • Seeking Simplicity’s Sweet Spot | Paul Miller – The Cloud of Data

    Quote: Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

  • Social media versus knowledge management

    Quote: Communities are self-forming in social media. Communities in knowledge management are often assigned by job classification or ‘encouraged’ based on work duties. Participation becomes prescribed creating the type of ‘mandatory fun’ that is the butt of Dilbert cartoons and TV sit coms. Knowledge management assigns communities because it sees knowledge as a hierarchy. Social media allows them to emerge as a property of the purpose and the participation using the tools. This lack of structure creates the space for active and innovative communities.

  • Keep Looking Up Insights in Data – OCDQ Blog – Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality by Jim Harris

    Quote: What I would like you to take away from this post is that perfect data quality is not a prerequisite for the discovery of new business insights. Even when data doesn’t provide a perfect view of the business cosmos, even when it’s partially obstructed, blemished, or diminished by the turbulent and murky atmosphere of poor quality, data can still provide business insights.

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