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Links for March 31 2013

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  • Global IT Spend Will Rise 4.1% To $3.8 Trillion In 2013, ‘A Calm Ocean With Turbulent Currents’, With Mobile Driving Growth | TechCrunch

    Quote: After devices, Gartner notes that enterprise software will be the second-biggest growth segment, up 6.4% to $297 billion, or just under 8% of all IT spend. Gartner notes that database management systems, data integration tools and supply chain management are three growing areas, while IT operations management and operating systems are seeing “lower growth expectations.” Again, the shift away from these latter two categories are signs of some of the impact of cloud-based services, which take away both the need for on-premises management and software investments.

  • metacool: Failing. And dealing with it.

    Quote: When you stop worrying about the outcome, you let go of the fear of ultimate, soul-crushing failure, which in turn allows you to focus on the here and now. Being in the moment is what allows you to see and hear clearly to what life is telling you. That feedback helps you understand the true nature of what is going on with your new venture, and leads to better decision making. Being freed from fear not only adds a few points of IQ to your total, but it gives you the courage to run that test, to build that prototype — today. Taking action now and failing on a smaller level each day, while listening to the resulting feedback coming your way, ends up giving you a much better chance of succeeding in the end than if you ignore those small doses of daily feeback.

  • Evgeny Morozov and why we should beware the prophets of technological utopianism | Social media agency | FreshNetworks London

    Quote: One of the main reasons that these quite serious changes in society are being glossed over is that most people implicitly accept the technological utopianism of companies like Google. They are viewed as somehow benevolent, rather than just a business. A business that does not necessarily want to help you, but wants, first of all, to make money from your data.

  • We Need More Than Just Strategists | Brass Tack Thinking

    Quote: It’s okay to be the builder instead of the architect. The cook or the outstanding server instead of the master chef. The navigator and the guide instead of the map-maker.

  • Why Big Data is Choking Business Managers | Innovation Insights |

    Quote: Big Data paralysis can’t be solved by a bigger platform with faster computers, databases, network and storage. The solution is to look for a new approach based on automating domain expertise and embedding the expertise into the data analytics systems. Instead of drowning in Big Data, business managers can use it to gain a huge strategic edge.

  • Coffee & Empathy: Why data without a soul is meaningless — Tech News and Analysis

    Quote: “Data needs stories, but stories also need data. Data, when its put up in front of you as a number, it gets stripped of the context of where the data came from, the biases inherent in it, and the assumptions of the models that created it.”

  • A VC: Data, Transparency, and Regulation

    Quote: As more and more of the data about what goes on in our world becomes available via network organizing structures, we will be able to regulate much more lightly, thus lowering the cost, and burden, of government and allowing innovation to prosper.

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