Links for March 3 2013

Technology Consultant - Eric D. Brown | Image for link posts
  • Can evil data scientists fool us all with the world’s best spam? — Tech News and Analysis

    Quote: Just when you thought spam was under control, a new breed of spammers is taking up new methods to infiltrate our inboxes, search results and social media feeds. Data science could make them very effective.

  • 3 Trends Shaping The Future Of Product Development – hypebot

    Quote: These new realities are being impacted by three broader trends. The first stems from how mobile devices have helped accelerate the adoption of emerging design methodologies powered by HTML5. Next is the overabundance of data and the opportunities that come from data-powered products. The last is how social functionality has evolved from being a feature to a necessary structural component of any experience. It is critical to examine how all of these factors are causing a fundamental shift in product development.

  • What do you mean customers don’t know what they want? | I’m Not Actually a Geek

    Quote: But the key point here is that customers do know what they want. Now let the Henry Fords and Steve Jobs of the world dazzle us with their ideas to better serve the outcomes of our jobs-to-be-done.

  • Social Business Is Not About Technology! | Partners in EXCELLENCE Blog — Making A Difference

    Quote: The problem is Social Business is really not about technology.  Social business is more about a “frame of mind.”  It’s about the most basic principles of how we work.  Social business is really about people (but I guess the term People Business isn’t sexy enough).  To be “social in business” means that we focus on people.  Within our companies, being social mandates shared accountability, collaboration, shared values, co-creation.  This is not about technology, but how we hold our colleagues and how we work together.  Social businesses are open and transparent.

  • Connecting vs Reaching | Pretzel Logic – Social and Collaborative Business

    Quote: Enterprise social networking as we’ve known it thus far has had the exact opposite problem:  Just because digital technology makes reaching possible doesn’t mean you’re actually connecting.

  • Paying attention to your attention at work

    Quote: Paying attention to your attention at work is how you eliminate doing fifteen things at once and getting none of them done. Focusing your attention to one thing at a time is how you complete something faster — and with better quality. Understanding that now you are doing this one thing — completing a task, preparing for this meeting, listening and contributing to this meeting on this issue, processing email into a to-do list, and being present while meeting with your manager is all about focus.

  • A Data Scientist’s View On Skills, Tools, And Attitude : CloudAve

    Quote: As I would say bring tools and knowledge but leave bias and expectations aside. The best data scientists are the ones who are passionate about data, can quickly learn a new domain, and are willing to make and fail and fail and make.