Links for March 29 2009

Happy Sunday everyone.  I’ve got some good stuff hear I think…one thing to note: Valeria Maltoni of Conversation Agent has 2 links here.  The first gets the award for longest story title and the second gets the award for shortest! 🙂

Solving The Project Communication Problem by Bas de Baar on Project Shrink

How IT Can Help Uncover New Products by Dr. Jim Anderson on The Business of IT

How do you teach a large, process driven organization to be innovative, work organically and think socially? by Valeria Maltoni on Conversation Agent

Why requirements stink by Scott Berkun

While Others Paint the Trim by Chris Brogan

The perils of talking too much by Nic Paton on Management Issues

Can You Pass The Cicero Persuasion Test? by Steve Roesler on All Things Workplace

Getting serious about your meeting problem by Seth Godin

Immediacy by Valeria Maltoni on Conversation Agent

Why Ideas Suck by Mike Sigers on Simplenomics

Where’s the Strategy? by Jamie Notter on Get Me Jamie Notter

Public Entrepreneurship by Peter Klein on Organizations and Markets

Building Dialogue is the Most Important Thing by Ben Kepes on CloudAve

Social media ROI – a calculator for not for profit campaigns by Matt Rhodes on FreshNetworks Blog

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13 responses to “Links for March 29 2009”

  1. Valeria Maltoni Avatar

    Thank you for the shout, Eric. Glad to be of service – for the content and the unusual in the titles. I don’t generally write long titles, but that one came out that way.

    Given your passion for technology, strategy, people, and projects, I’d like to recommend the blog authored by Karl Long –

    Valeria Maltoni’s last blog post..Newspapers and Social Power

  2. Eric D. Brown Avatar

    Thanks for stopping by Valeria…I hadn’t run across Karl’s blog. I’ve added his blog to my reader.

  3. New Blog Post: Links for March 29 2009

  4. Steve Roesler Avatar

    Eric, very kind of you to shine some light on All Things Workplace and for new material for the reader.

    Steve Roesler

  5. Eric D. Brown Avatar

    Welcome Steve. Thanks for the good stuff on All Things Workplace!

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  7. RT: @projectshrink: Links for March 29 2009

  8. Cola Richmond

    RT: @projectshrink: Links for March 29 2009

  9. Jamie Notter Avatar

    Thanks for the link Eric. I agree with you on the SyFy thing too!

    Jamie Notter’s last blog post..Where’s the Strategy?

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  11. Bas Avatar

    Hi Eric, thanks for the link, much appreciated.


    Bas’s last blog post..Intersection Between Personal Development, Change Management And PM

  12. Eric D. Brown Avatar

    Bas & Jamie – welcome…always happy to send people to good stuff.