Links for March 28 2010

I’m trying out a new approach to my link sharing posts. I’m now using delicious to capture the the articles that I want to share along with my notes. I then use a javascript call to pull the bookmarks for each week from delicious. Hope you get some value from this new approach.

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  3. Maddie Grant Avatar

    Hi Eric! I like the descriptions of the articles… but the links no longer appear in my Reader. You always post great stuff so that won't deter me, but it is an extra step that might lose you a couple of people who would otherwise have clicked through to your links directly from their reader. Just letting you know!

  4. ericbrown Avatar

    Thanks Maddie – I didn't notice that until it was too late. Apparently the javascript doesn't imbed the links in the RSS Feed. I'll fix this for next week.

  5. […] Last week was the first published post using Delicious to manage links for my Sunday links post.  I used a javascript from Delicious to insert a certain set of tagged links and their notes. […]