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Links for March 25 2012

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  • Why marketing software will never be like ERP by Scott Brinker on Chief Marketing Technologist

    Quote: First and foremost, we must acknowledge: the entirety of marketing is in a perpetual state of disruptive innovation. Google changed everything. Then YouTube. Then Facebook. Then Twitter, Foursquare, Groupon, Quora. Apple has changed everything in mobile marketing and apps on our phones and tablets. My list of 131 different kinds of marketing offers a taste of the exponential explosion of new marketing approaches. And the pace of change only seems to be accelerating.

  • The Evolution of Todays CIO by Mike Walker

    Quote: The pressure to deliver beyond the traditional role of the CIO is evolving in to a key asset for CEOs. A blend of CIO as Optimizer, Transformer and Innovator provides a powerful profile mix that amidst the constant of change will emerge a stronger and more service-focused business partnership with IT. After all, without IT there is no Business. Or is it the other way around?

  • Is Kindness a Strategy? by Jeffrey F. Rayport on Harvard Business Review

    Quote: Here’s how it works. When a problem occurs, swift and effective resolution can elevate repurchase intent to a level that’s actually greater than if the problem had never occurred at all. Every problem, if managed well, is thus an “opportunity” to boost overall loyalty among a company’s already loyal customers. Spill soup on a guest in the hotel dining room? Solution: offer on the spot to dry clean the suit or, if the damage is severe, offer to replace it entirely. The customer is delighted; the employee has done the right thing; the hotel raises that customer’s lifetime value.

  • Information is free. Knowledge is not by Ian Lurie on Conversation Marketing

    Quote: If you build a business using information (which is, after all, free), you’re just part of the herd. Everyone around you is doing the same thing: They all visited the same web sites. They all invited consultants to dinner to ‘pick their brains’. They all assume that having a list of undigested facts entitles them to success. So they all join an army of zombiepreneurs. And they all walk into the same wood-chipper.

  • Extending the narrative by Seth Godin

    Quote: The truth though, is that doing what you’ve been doing is going to get you what you’ve been getting. If the narrative is getting in the way, if the archetypes you’ve been modeling and the worldview you’ve been nursing no longer match the culture, the economy or your goals, something’s got to give.

  • The Secret of Ethical Selling by Ian Brodie

    Quote: You can do what’s best for the client and move on, confident that the bills will still be paid and little Johnny will still have plenty to eat. Because there’s a steady flow of high quality leads coming in to your business. If this one isn’t right, the next one will be, or the next one. So marketing, good marketing, is the key to ethical selling.

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Scott Brinker
12 years ago

Thanks for the link, Eric!

Eric D. Brown
12 years ago
Reply to  Scott Brinker

Welcome Scott!