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  • The Story Teller CIO on Oh I See (CIO Inverted)

    Quote: Success is always a result of teamwork; the leader needs to give the team freedom to take decisions. When they succeed credit goes to them, when they do not, the leader takes the responsibility for lack of success. Such teams rarely need to be reminded of what matters, they rarely let the leader down. My legacy today lives with most of such team members who are shining bright.

  • Marketing, Buyers, And Technology by Elliot Ross on Strategic Technology

    Quote: I guess the most obvious one, if as a general manager you aren’t effectively and efficiently improving your marketing, you have a problem. Secondly, Business Technology teams need to roll up their sleeves and demonstrate the value of effective and efficient processes.

  • Victory Tower Moments by Elmer Boutin on The Crossing of Marketing and IT

    Quote: Try to find that “Victory Tower” moment in your life. If you don’t have one (and I’d be quite surprised if you don’t) then get one. You don’t necessarily have to join one of the armed forces or do something physically risky, but you can find something that pushes you beyond what you think are your limits and show that you are capable of more than you believe possible of yourself.

  • Why IT says no to innovation by Jeffrey Phillips on Innovate on Purpose

    Quote: I don’t mean to pick on IT – it’s not as though they are the only ones who have to block, slow or stymie innovation in many firms.  And it’s not uniformly the case that IT is a barrier.  In some firms, with visionary CIOs and CTOs, IT is on the forefront of innovation.  But, more often, IT is the voice crying out “no” when innovation is proposed.  But this isn’t a screed against IT.  No, this is a thoughtful, well articulated article about everything that you – and yes I am looking at you innovators – are doing wrong, forcing these enabling functions to say no.

  • Faster, better, cheaper: Pick any two by Andrew Hargadon

    Quote: That means entrepreneurs and corporate managers introducing sustainable innovations must develop the strategic patience to recognize the proper balance between all three—when to loosen the demands on one or the other in order to stay in business. As consultants, it was always easier to let the budget slip—that mistake was forgotten if the work was good and things made it to COMDEX on time. For sustainable innovations, on the other hand, I suspect the better strategy is to be patient for scale.

  • 3 Reasons It’s Good for Business To Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone by Dawn MentzerThe Insatiable Solopreneur™

    Quote: Going beyond your comfort zone is an exercise in personal and professional exploration that can add color and vibrancy to your business. I encourage you to give yourself a little push over that line. While the other side is slightly frightening, what you stand to gain is well worth sucking up that initial fear.

  • IT consumerization, the cloud, and the alleged death of the CIO Peter Kretzman

    Quote: Pundits argue that since some key technologies are now a commodity, we no longer need a CIO to handle them. But I’d turn that argument around: that’s precisely when you do need a CIO, to rise above the commodity level and figure out how to leverage technology for competitive advantage and business value. And the way to do that means using something other than technology that’s available to everyone, just off the rack. You want a differentiator.

  • Be Captain Of Your Destiny – Not Prisoner Of Wishful Thinking by Mike Troiano on OnStartups

    Quote: For every story of conviction overcoming a perceptual speed-bump, there are 10 of an entrepreneur who hung on too long after the point where the market responded with a resounding, “Meh.” The stronger your sales skills, the longer you’ll tend to hold out past the “point of meh,” and the higher your opportunity costs will be versus investing in an offering with the potential to be pulled by the marketplace rather than pushed by the brute force of your sales and marketing prowess.

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12 years ago

Thanks for the shout out, Eric.

Eric D. Brown
12 years ago
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Very welcome Elmer!