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Links for March 17 2013

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  • Marketing and the CIO race to see who can waste more money on CRM initiatives.

    Quote: What is the point here? The point is that currently leaders in Digital Marketing or Social Media or the office of the CIO are being given, as a side directive, to improve the customer experience, while they are still tasked with tactical goals that are inconsistent with an understanding of the overall customer experience. They lack a comprehensive view of the customer, or an inventory of the key “make or break” processes that drive loyalty and spending. Yet despite this, it is they who have the fabulous budgets, and not the Chief Customer Officer / Experience Officer – or whatever they might be called in some enlightened businesses.

  • Algorithms Don’t Feel, People Do – Alan Schulman – Harvard Business Review

    Quote: We have the technology. We have the talent. We have the ability to redefine the story to make one feel. We just need to remember that the medium isn’t the message and no matter how seduced we are by the science of advertising, we must remember that algorithms don’t feel, people do.

  • Building a Team the Social Way | Enterprise Social Software Blog | Socialtext

    Quote: By using social, you can search for experts yourself, by looking through profile information. You can also send out a signal across teams, and allow those passionate experts to identify themselves. Either way, you avoid the barrier of interacting with managers to reach their team members. This direct access speeds up the team formation and leads to a higher level of expertise.

  • Andrew Hargadon: Innovation, Strategy, and your Innovation Strategy

    Quote: An Innovation Strategy represents how the firm’s focus, investments, and capabilities will support the kind of innovation that will serve the firm’s overall strategy. What will it take, in other words, for a particular company to generate $1B in new business through innovation over five years?

  • How WordPress Thrives with a 100% Remote Workforce – Scott Berkun – Harvard Business Review

    Quote: There are many 100% distributed companies. Dozens of real business thrive with remote workers. Before abandoning the idea managers should study how so many successful companies not only allow remote workers, but also make it an advantage.

  • Refining Simplicity | UX Magazine

    Quote: Keeping things in context keeps us familiar with our surroundings and frees us from worrying about getting lost. Imagine what it would be like driving around with no street signs; no way of knowing where you were or where you were going. People like to know where they are at all times, especially when interacting with technology. Remember, technology is still a learning experience for most people, especially as it continues to evolve.

  • Death of an IT salesman — Tech News and Analysis

    Quote: Enterprises have already started to change the way they buy IT but we’re still in the midst of a massive multi-year transformation. And that should worry vendors like EMC, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and VMware.

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