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Links for March 15 2009

The High Priests of IT – And the Heretics by Cory Doctorow on

Thank you, Jack Welch by Mike Neiss on The Tom Peters Weblog

Innovation, invention and entrepreneurs by Jeffrey Phillips on Innovate on Purpose

Solve the Right Problem by Paul Williams on the Marketing Profs Daily Fix Blog

How Marketers Should Plan For Recovery by John Quelch on

Project Management on a Budget by Brad Egeland on Project Management Tips

The Ten Laws of IT: An IT Tuesday CCrit by Steven Levy on No Secret

Social Tribes: From Bowling Alone to Facebook by Tammy Erickson on

So Much to Be Bullish About – We Have People, After All by Lisa Haneberg on Management Craft

Communication = Information * Relationships by Jurgen Appelo on NOOP.NL

The Power of Story – Using Storytelling to Heal and Strengthen Teams by Cheri Baker on The Enlightened Manager (hat tip to Bas de Baar)

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