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Links for March 11 2012

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  • Hubris and the Data Scientist by Paul Miller on The Cloud of Data

    Quote: Moving forward, we need both domain skills and data skills. Sometimes those skills may be present within a single individual, especially as practitioners within more data-intensive domains equip themselves with the skills required to continue functioning as data volumes blossom. At other times, they will be brought together in the makeup of a team that comprises domain experts and data scientists. It remains unclear whether it would normally be quicker or easier to teach a domain specialist data skills, or vice versa

  • Sales, Marketing, Big Data, and Stories by David Brock Partners in EXCELLENCE Blog — Making A Difference

    Quote: Data and analytics are powerful, stories are powerful.  Multiply the power of each by combining them — leverage data and stories together to create a rich picture that people can understand, own, and become invested in.  Together, they enable people–whether our own organizations or our customers to connect the dots, creating meaning and insight.

  • Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Steve Jobs by Susan Cramm on Valuedance

    Quote: Individuals who think they can succeed by being mean are kidding themselves. Companies want people who can get things done in a way that builds relationships rather than subverts them. Jobs’s gifts and a considerable amount of luck allowed him to be spectacularly successful in spite of his pettiness and lack of emotional maturity. We should take care not to mistake his weaknesses for strengths; we shouldn’t try to emulate behaviors that make success — in life and in business — harder to achieve.

  • CIO Challenges Educators to Stay Relevant by Paul Gillin

    Quote: If educators are to get to the next level themselves, they need to put down the chalk and pick up the mouse. “Technology will never replace teachers,”’ he said, “but we can use technology to help a much greater number of students learn from each other.”

  • Paying Attention to People by Steve Roesler on All Things Workplace:

    Quote: While scientists and pseudo-scientists have argued everything from methodology to the number of toilet breaks employees of that era received, the simple learning is this: When you pay attention to people, tell them what you are doing, and ask their opinion about things, the response–all else being equal–is a boost in morale and productivity. I dare say that Elton had stumbled upon Employee Engagement long before the term became popular.

  • Enterprise Social Networking is More Than Facebook Behind a Firewall – Brian Solis

    Quote: Enterprise social networks (ESNs) are on the rise as they can deliver an immediate solution for aligning stakeholders around activity streams with the familiarity of Twitter or Facebook. These internal social networks are not only validating and useful to power users, but also friendly and easy to participate in for those who are new to the platform. While the promise of ESNs is significant to the future of how employees interact, learn, and ultimately work, challenges exist around adoption and overall measurement. And, like social media in general, businesses often underestimate or altogether miss the true potential of social networks and the role they play in bringing people together to do something incredible…over and over.

  • Warning Signs that IT is signing up for requirements that cannot be delivered through technology by Mark P. McDonald

    Quote: One of the reasons behind this situation is that IT often blindly takes on responsibility for delivering business requirements and goals that no amount of technology can achieve.    When I have raised this point with CIOs and IT leaders they agree that realizing business value in certain areas requires business, leadership and operational changes that compliment technologies. Without those changes, there is no value regardless of how well IT does its job.

  • If the Foundation’s Bad, a New Coat of Paint Isn’t Going to Help by Nathaniel Mott on PandoDaily

    Quote: Go ahead, then. Build something that isn’t fundamentally similar to anything else that’s out there. Start laying the foundation that other companies can build upon, instead of adding just another storey to an existing building. If you want to build something better than the Eiffel Tower, it might be best to burn that hunk of metal to the ground and start fresh.

  • How do you Design, Build, and Deliver Yourself? by Valeria Maltoni on Conversation Agent

    Quote: Our ability to grow depends upon our ability to shift from a fixed mindset — we are who we are and our wins are attached to that identity — to a growth mindset — tweaking the levers above to design, build, and deliver ourselves.

  • The concerns of Social Enterprise By Martijn Linssen on CloudAve

    Quote: Social will bring transparency to the Enterprise, all across the board. And like any old-boys network the average Enterprise is, they thrive on secrecy and anonymity. I honestly don’t see a bigger threat to the existence of Enterprises than the side-effects that Social Enterprise will bring.?log=out

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