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Links for June 5 2011

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  • Measuring IT Staff Performance by Arun Manansingh on A CIO’s Voice

    Quote: Staff performance should be evaluated in various categories that align with your company’s vision and goals. Depending on the needs of the business one or more categories may be focused on for improvement.

  • 5 Myths: What It Takes to Become a Million-Dollar Consultant by Mark Henricks on BNET

    Quote: Going forward, Weiss sees another myth that is about to get unseated, namely, that technology is the great savior that consultants can count on to make them more effective. “The reality is that technology is plateauing,” he says. “This is a high-touch business and it’s high touch that’s going to carry the day. Consultants who rely on technology to keep in touch are going to be at a disadvantage to those who keep in touch in person.”

  • Your job is to create problems by Tom Catalini on People ^ Technology

    Easier solutions means it’s time to move further up the pipeline. It’s time to help innovate, to identify opportunities for transformation enabled by technology. A very different conversation. One about new ways of doing things, new ways of leveraging technology. A conversation where the business needs to be educated about what is possible and how it can be applied (creatively) to a going concern in order to create value and opportunity.

  • The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get by Mark Suster on Both Sides of the Table

    Quote: Rapid success stories happen, true. But the reality is that most “overnight successes” come at the end of years of hard work and those witnessing the “success” part too readily assume the “overnight part.”


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Published: Links for June 5 2011