Links for June 23 2013

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  • After Sandy, SMBs Should Consider Following Wall Street into the Cloud | SMBSource

    Quote: As Hurricane Sandy showed, the possibility of massive system failure – and, especially for SMBs, the potential of financial devastation from a single event – is only one disaster away. By moving some or all of their data and IT systems to the cloud, SMBs not only can improve their efficiency, competitiveness and TCO, but also can gain peace of mind in knowing that their mission-critical applications are secure. And at the end of the day, that may be the greatest benefit of all.

  • How to Introduce Process Improvements Successfully – UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley

    Quote: If you can, roll out changes incrementally. Pick an improvement that won’t take much effort to implement, but will give tangible results. Resistance to small change will be lower, and positive results will encourage people to accept, and perhaps even welcome, further change. Because the pace of change is slower, it will be easier to absorb without disrupting work in progress.

  • Making IT change less scary using dark architecture — Tech News and Analysis

    Quote: Dark architecture addresses some of the issues, and lessens the risks, for companies that are switching over and making major changes in their infrastructure.

  • Why the cloud is ready for enterprise — but the paths connecting it are not — Tech News and Analysis

    Quote: The cloud that supports enterprises can be conceived of as a three-legged stool — but only two of those legs are complete.

  • Don’t Get Stuck, Get Social | Enterprise Social Software Blog | Socialtext

    Quote: In order to stay ahead of the curve, companies need to collaborate and work together to brainstorm new ideas and drive innovation. Working across offices and departments makes collaboration more difficult, but with social, these brainstorming sessions can happen easily and in real-time. You might not be able to gather your colleagues around a physical whiteboard to hold these collaboration sessions, but social gives you the digital alternative so you can still get the help you need to get work done.

  • You are Responsible for the Culture

    Quote: We all create the culture we’re in. Our actions, our words, even our thoughts. People in leadership roles often have the opportunity to leverage those words, thoughts, and actions, due to the attention they get, but we all are creating the culture every day. Be intentional about it. Be clear about what is valued and what drives success. And choose to behave consistently with that understanding, even if that feels like the harder choice in the moment.

  • Oh I See (CIO Inverted): IT is windy and cloudy

    Quote: With the boundaries between consumer and corporate devices no longer tenable and enterprises adopting BYOD, the next disruption will be the convergence and unification of the consumer and enterprise device, and applications. Until that happens, the debate will continue on where the cloud has a promise for the CIO and where it impacts the person the CIO is. Stock tickers, games, utilities and what have you gratify the individual and are perceived as a distraction and risk by the enterprise.

  • How to Free Up IT Resources to Meet New Service Demands | It’s All About Recovery

    Quote: Part of the reason why cloud is revolutionizing the way IT organizations operate is that it reduces – and in some cases eliminates – the need to deploy, manage and maintain IT services. With IT services in the cloud, organizations have newly available resources that can be focused on strategy and meeting other service demands.