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Links for June 2 2013

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  • Customer Journeys: Miles to Go – Highly Competitive – software industry insights

    Quote: The best outcome of any customer interaction or experience should be the value that is derived by the customer – the assessment of that value also belongs to the customer. Organizations don’t always know what value was received – or if it was received – even when asking customers directly. It may well be that continuously improved behavioral and predictive analytics processes will reveal far more in this area, far better t

  • You Can’t Automate Your Way to the Cloud : CloudAve

    Quote: I’m not arguing against automation because it is essential to any successful operational strategy. I am, however, arguing against automation for its own sake and as a Band-Aid. You must first simplify your architecture by making some hard tradeoffs, enabling flexibility at the right level and then you can automate. If automation alone could get you to the level of operational agility and excellence experienced by the best cloud providers in the world, you would already be there.

  • The Fuzzy Front End of CRM – Effective CRM

    Quote: Are you ready to be exposed to a less fuzzy front end to CRM? One that recognizes that our current CRM technology simply cannot solve your business problems for you? There is no technology that will grow your business year after year, nor is there a technology that will ensure that you are profitable. Technology is not there to do that, you are (the organization). Once you understand the appropriate methods required, you can hire technology to help you. Are you ready to learn what it takes to create value for, and with your customers instead of chasing pocket change to meet this month’s quota?

  • What Are Marketers Going to Do With All That Big Data? | MarketingProfs Daily Fix Blog

    Quote: So, stop telling me Big Data points about the Big Data. I don’t want to know how much there will be or how much it will grow. If you want to thrill me as a marketer, tell me about the simple insights culled from that data. Share with me the authentic notions about a target or a behavior that emerged. And surprise me by showing how the data fueled a simple, elegant marketing experience that was, at its core, very human.

  • How cloud, big data and mobile will make the CMO the BMOC — Tech News and Analysis

    Quote: The rise of cloud and big data is altering business models, and in the process shifting corporate hierarchies, too. The chief marketing officer could be a big beneficiary of all this change.

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