Links for June 16 2013

Technology Consultant - Eric D. Brown | Image for link posts
  • The Smarter Data Manifesto –

    Quote: You need to look beyond the ways data used to be collected to how technology can help you use your data far more effectively, because you have important goals. You have customers you want to satisfy. You want to know how to structure a good experience so it becomes fabulous.

  • RTO at the Speed of Business | It’s All About Recovery

    Quote: The speed of business today is much faster than it used to be. To keep up—or even better, to get ahead—IT groups must be more agile and able to respond quickly to any failures. Faster RTO isn’t a “nice to have” anymore; it’s a “must have.”

  • Jim’s Notebook: Relevance Trumps Consistency

    Quote: In terms of design, consistency is a quality that can be appropriately used or inappropriately misused – and the distinction between the two is relevance to the experience of the user. If the user is ignored, which is often a precondition of a very bad decision, consistency among elements of an experience can seem to be a good idea, and one which certainly makes things more convenient to the processes of the service provider. But when relevance is considered, which is generally a precondition of a very good decision, the distinction between functional and dysfunctional consistency should become apparent.

  • Why Google is the big data company that matters most — Tech News and Analysis

    Quote: Google Image Search just got a whole lot better, and the company’s purpose-built machine learning system infrastructure is a big reason why. No surprise, Jeff Dean helped build it.

  • Why “Enterprise SaaS” may soon be a misnomer : CloudAve

    Quote: CIOs have jumped on hybrid cloud like a starving man on a pizza. SaaS promised to make datacenters (and the CIOs who run them) obsolete. Hybrid Cloud lets them offer the CEO and business heads SaaS-like apps (consumer-y, web/mobile) while still keeping the keys to the kingdom (the datacenter, hardware, and data).

  • The Ethics of Big Data: Vendors Should Take A Stand | Business Analytics

    Quote: Analytics is, at best, a wonderful opportunity to shine light into the dark, to reveal what was previously concealed, and make it better. People and governments must be in the forefront of establishing clear, transparent guidelines that make the right tradeoffs between the public good and citizen’s rights.

  • Oh I See (CIO Inverted): Is Innovation on the CIO agenda ?

    Quote: Is the CIO really uniquely positioned to help further the innovation cause ? The challenge is the enterprise wide acceptability of this position where every CXO wants to be associated with such a prestigious initiative irrespective of whether it delivers to promise. After all, no one wants to be not seen as not supporting innovation. Should the CIO fight to get his/her name stuck on ? If you can’t beat them, join them appears to be the best approach for now. Do you have a different view or reality ?

  • The Sickening Snowden Backlash – The Daily Beast

    Quote: Snowden knew this and he did it anyway. He clearly understands something that those screaming "traitor" do not: the allegiance we have as Americans is to the Constitution, not the institution of government. Snowden summed it up best when he told a South China Morning Post reporter this week, “I’m neither a traitor nor a hero. I’m an American.”