Links for June 13 2010

  • BP oil spill: Leadership and IT failure

    Quote: As the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill continues to grow, reports suggest that several IT failures may have contributed to the problem. More importantly, the spill represents a deep state of failed leadership inside BP.

  • Strategic Moves by Jamie Notter on Get Me Jamie Notter:

    Quote: …define a strategic move as a “set of managerial actions and decisions involved in making a major, market-creating business offering.”

  • My job is to hold the umbrella so the shit from above doesn’t hit you. Your job is to keep me from having to use it. – Bob Sutton

    Quote: I think this is  brilliant because there is so much wisdom on so many levels.  First, it is really funny, especially when paired with the picture in the post.  Second, there is deep wisdom there about the relationship between a good boss and good followers — these are mutually supportive relationships, not one way. Even the best boss can’t do everything.

  • When Big Companies Are Dead But Don’t Know It by Steve Blank

    Quote: It is a rare company that realizes it is time to fire the CEO when the financials are good but the business is fundamentally heading for a cliff.  For me, I learned this lesson first hand. I had joined the board of a $200million public company that 15 years earlier had single-handily created an industry. The company had innovated, found a business model, grown successfully but now even as revenues continued to grow, the company was slowly but surely dying.

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