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Links for July 3 2011

  • More letters to RIM; employees rally alongside anonymous exec on Boy Genius Report

    Quote: If I could only tell Mike, Jim and the rest of the C*O crowd one thing, it would be this: stop keeping the incredible pool of smart, talented and capable people handcuffed by poorly thought through process. It’s destroying the company, and destroying those of us that have to manage it. Being able to move quickly and innovate is what will save the company, and that goes completely opposite all our process.

  • Why wasn’t I informed? by Seth Godin

    Quote: The rules are now clear: no one is going to inform you, but it’s easier than ever to inform yourself. Before you spend the money, the time or the attention of your friends, look it up.

  • Why Missions Statements Suck by John Bell on LeaderLab

    Quote: A tip on writing good missions is to limit the statement to no more than ten words. Do that and you will have made the tough decision about what the company really stands for. Strategic sacrifice brings clarity and focus. Simple, single-minded missions bring results.

  • CFOs increasingly calling the shots in IT by Ellen Messmer on

    Quote: According to the 2011 Gartner/FEI study, only about a quarter of the CFOs had confidence that their own IT organisation “has the organisational and technical flexibility to respond to changing business priorities,” or “is able to deliver against the enterprise/business unit strategy.”

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9 years ago

Links for July 3 2011 from @ericdbrown

9 years ago

Links for July 3 2011: More letters to RIM; employees rally alongside anonymous exec on Boy Genius ReportQuote: …

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