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Links for July 29 2012

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  • Stop Waiting.

    Quote: A life that comes easily, quickly, and free or cheap, is not worth your soul’s attention or longing. Find the thing that you enjoy so much you can still find joy in it while you’re falling down, making sacrifices, and losing sleep. Chase down that thing that gives you energy, not saps you of it. And then when you fail, there’s still meaning and fire in your getting up and trying again.

  • IBM to CMOs and CIOs: Work Together or Become Irrelevant – Forbes

    Quote: IBM believes these four benefits will both help the CMO become more responsive to changing business conditions, while making the job of the CIO and IT less stressful.  To get big things done now, CMOs and CIOs don’t need as many compromises, which means fewer implementations that are suboptimal. CMOs get what they need from IT because they are now an extension of IT.

  • Looking for Data Scientists from Within – Start with Marketing | Anjul Bhambhri | DATAVERSITY

    Quote: It is becoming imperative for organizations to speed up the process of acquiring big data skills by looking within, particularly at their CMOs and marketing department. Those with a marketing background are naturally suited for a data science role based on increasingly connected customers driving businesses to rethink how they make decisions and engage with their customers.  If we can make the CMO a data scientist, then we have achieved what we needed to, and that’s when the potential of big data will actually be realized – getting the business outcome out of tapping into what’s hidden in this big data.

  • Michael Fauscette: Unpredictable Problems, Flexible Applications?

    Quote: A lot of change is underway in the apps business, change that is necessary to provide more effective tools for managing and optimizing businesses in the new information driven business environment. Change is hard, and there are still a lot of open questions. The need for providing a set of completely flexible, end user definable and configurable, and disposable apps to support ad hoc problem solving will help define the next generation of enterprise apps.

  • The CMO Site – Ellis Booker – The CMO: A Real ‘Sense of Urgency’

    Quote: What characterizes this new generation of CMOs? For Ghandi, these men and women will be part marketer, part technologist, and part neuroscientist.

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