Links for July 17 2011

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  • 5 Things CIOs need to know about Google Plus by Tom Catalini

    Quote: Take a look at Google Plus to get a sense of the future, which seems to be arriving rapidly. Sure, it may fail like other big bets by Google (remember Wave and Buzz?), but even if it does it’s an experiment that’s worth watching and learning from.

  • Do One Thing Well by Leo Babauta on zen habits

    Quote: By doing this one thing over and over, I’ve gotten much better at it. Good enough, anyway, for people to want to read my work, and as the audience for my work has grown, so have the opportunities to make a living in a non-spammy way. The ways I monetize (print books, ebooks, online courses) are less important than how I’ve grown the audience

  • Do The Work by David duChemin on Pixelated Image

    Quote: Don’t worry about getting inspired, being original, or any of the other things that haunt the creative mind. The muse will show up, she always does. It’s she who’s waiting. Just start. Do the work.

  • 3 Reasons Why Relevant Content Matters by Jason Falls on Social Media Explorer

    Quote: As long as the messaging on a company’s owned media channels is relevant, not inundated with sales propaganda, and delivers valuable information, they will essentially position themselves as a trusted advisor of content related to their own products and/or industry related information. The key is to be authentic and trustworthy; with the end goal of being believable.

  • Leadership Interview – James Hotaling by Mike Myatt on N2Growth Blog

    Quote: There are simply no words that can do justice to the example of servant leadership epitomized by Command Chief Master Sergeant James Hotaling. A highly decorated member of the special operations community earning the Bronze Star with Valor for actions during Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan, Jim is a true American hero

  • The Start-Up of You by Thomas Friedman on

    Quote: It also means using your network to pull in information and intelligence about where the growth opportunities are — and then investing in yourself to build skills that will allow you to take advantage of those opportunities

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