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Links for July 15 2012

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  • Christensen’s Curve & The Digital Learning Revolution – Getting Smart by Guest Author – blended learning, common core, flipped classroom

    Quote: The digital learning revolution is at the heart of the most exciting evolutionary transformation in American education in a century. There can be no question that the trajectory of innovation in digital learning and new school models is beginning to follow the “Christensen Curve” of innovation – still a little slow in our time, but soon, exponentially up. As such, it is for most educators and parents a phenomenon that has yet to learned first hand. For our Millennial Generation students, the digital learning revolution is already here. So what’s the big deal anyway?

  • Shadow-IT, it’s forbidden to forbid | Enterprise CIO Forum

    Quote: Propose your users to subscribe to your services, but make sure they are competitive. So, there is homework to do. Where should you start? Typically the first thing users look for is tools to help them in their day to day work, make it easier for them to share this large file, giving them the opportunity to have a video conference with their colleagues from other parts of the world etc. So, why don’t we make sure we provide them an outstanding user experience, so they use IT’s services rather than looking outside.

  • Predictability

    Quote: Predictability is about trust – or more accurately, trust requires predictability. People of all these groups (consumers, employees, suppliers, investors, and the general public) choose to interact with a firm based on their predictions about its behavior. They choose to continue to interact with a firm based on whether it has been predictable in the past (and generally, that the prediction resulted in a positive outcome for themselves as well as the firm).

  • We Versus I

    Quote: If you are the CEO, recognize that there is a lot of “we” that is enabling you to be successful. Don’t get caught up in the “I” – it’s a trap that will only backfire on you over time. It’s often tough to get it right, but there’s so much power in the team dynamic when you do.

  • Working within the System – is it keeping your project stuck? – UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley

    Quote: When you are prepared to face the fact that the system is there for a reason, has its limitations and know how it works, you are in the perfect position to work it. Instead of fighting it, learn it well so you know where the loopholes are, who has authority to make exceptions and when to get them involved, and how to work through the bottlenecks. You can then work within the system and make it work for you.

  • It is time to think small when thinking of IT

    Quote: Thinking SMALL IT is small because of how it thinks, how it manages itself, and the way it works.  Yet it is BIG in the results it delivers.

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