Links for July 14 2013

Technology Consultant - Eric D. Brown | Image for link posts
  • BYOD security and the importance of covering your backend — Tech News and Analysis

    Quote: So you’ve accepted BYOD and a host of new apps to support. Congrats! The next step is making sure that your crucial mobile data is adequately secured before all hell breaks loose.

  • Big Data and Marketing: A Confused Relationship?

    Quote: Focus more on the data you have today versus getting caught up in trying to solve Big Data. Start small, learn as you go, and leverage your learnings to move forward into a Big Data world that we as marketers can definitely understand and benefit from.

  • Hold Yourself Accountable for Decision Processes, Not Just Results

    Quote: So, don’t just think about your decisions, but also think about how you’re going to make those decisions, and how long you’re going to spend on the process. When you’re done, ask yourself questions about how you got there, and eventually your decision making process should improve.

  • A simple trick for companies to accurately predict their annual revenue — Tech News and Analysis

    Quote: All companies should have a good sense of their GAAP revenue, but estimating for the future is always tricky. Subscriptions businesses are the lucky exception though, and can get an amazingly accurate estimate in seconds.

  • Is Agile Really Cheaper?

    Quote: A team that does agile well is a team that maximizes the likelihood that they are solving the right problems. They avoid – or minimize – inefficient failed attempts from focusing on the wrong problem. Instead, their iterations focus on improving the suitability of their product in helping customers solve the right problem. Incremental improvements solve the problem better, or solve it for more people. Iterative opportunities for feedback are ruthlessly exploited, maximizing the efficiency of problem selection and solution, and not just the efficiency of building stuff.

  • An engineers curse – problem solving over understanding

    Quote: We all have a basic need(well I like to think we do!) to connect and understand each other. To be *human* if you will. Its this human need, at a tacit level that perhaps defines who we are, more than any high level problem solving skill dictated by our frontal lobes. As an engineer, I’m taught communication is essential to solve a problem. As a human, I’ve learned that its about taking the time to include people in your day, to actively listen regardless of the outcome.

  • The Connection between Strategy and Operations

    Quote: So pay attention to your strategy. In today’s world of transient advantage, you may need to shift your strategy. That means you need to pay attention to operational capacity. As I’ve said before, you can’t have strategy conversations without talking about capacity. And that means you need to bring culture into the mix, otherwise you run the risk of having all those good ideas fail due to incompatibility with your culture.

  • Game Change: Moneyball And The Reality Of Social Business. | The BrandBuilder Blog

    Quote: Old thinking will not score wins here. Old tactics, old hiring, old measurement, they’re all wrong for these new marketing, communications and business models. They just don’t work anymore. If you don’t believe me, that’s fine. Keep watching your margins erode. Keep watching your digital dollars go to waste. Keep laying people off and outsourcing every last business function you can’t afford to keep in-house anymore. Keep pretending the world is the same today as it was five years ago, and that what you were doing five years ago will still be relevant five years from now. Whatever makes you feel better. Keep doing the same old thing that used to work, back before people carried smart phones and iPads. Keep thinking that the guy you just hired because he spent ten years managing digital for a fast-food brand knows fuck-all about building capacity and traction for a social media program, let alone produce concrete business results for you.