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  • The Danger of Imitation by Kevin Eikenberry

    Quote: Observe and learn from others who have been where you are going. But don’t lose yourself on that journey. Who you are is far too important for that.

  • It’s Always About Leadership by Art Petty on Management Excellence

    Quote: If you’ve been given the responsibility and the title, you better be prepared to act selflessly when the time comes. Anyone can float through their days showboating and blowing their own horn. It takes a real leader to step up when the ship hits the rocks. (HT: Wally Bock)

  • The Business Must Be a Partner in IT Transformation by Steve Romero on Romero Consulting Blog

    Quote: IT and the business are partners in their enterprises. When that partnership is not working, neither faction can fix the relationship alone. IT and the business must fix their ‘relationship’ problems together, as opposed to simply transforming IT. Following the couples’ advice above will cause each organization to reflect on their role in the success, or failure, of the relationship. When they do, they will certainly find the need for transformation does not rest solely on IT.

  • Amplifying the enterprise: the 2012 CIO Agenda by Mark P. McDonald on The Gartner Blog Network

    Quote: We need a new way of thinking because the nature of Technology has become greater than the nature of traditional IT. CIOs, IT leaders and others may want to consider how their IT strategy, plans and actions support amplifying performance – turning up the value of technology without creating distortion or negative feedback.

  • What is the definition of “innovation”? by Jeffrey Phillips on Innovate on Purpose

    Quote: Here’s a really simple tip for any firm trying to become more innovative:  create your own definition of what innovation should be for your business – and not just for an initiative, but an overarching definition for innovation.  Then, ensure you have the commitment to follow through on the definition and that the people responsible for carrying out the definition understand it, and the vision, strategy and goals behind the definition.  Otherwise, like a rowboat with only one oar, you’ll find your team constantly circling.

  • Do You Build the Right Messages for Your Customers? By Frank Eliason on Time to be Frank

    Quote: In this new world of @YourService it is important to know the message you are sending to your own employees and Customers. Their interactions are what define your brand. This handwritten memo is an example of this message. Have you seen message like this? As a Customer how do they make you feel?

  • We need to talk about piracy (but we must stop SOPA first) by danah boyd on apophenia

    Quote: As we go deeper into an information age, I think that we need to have serious conversations about what is colloquially termed piracy. We need to distinguish media piracy from software piracy because they’re not the same thing. We need to seriously interrogate fairness and equality, creative production and cultural engagement. And we need to seriously take into consideration why people do what they do. I strongly believe that when people work en masse to route around a system, the system is most likely the thing that needs the fixing, not the people.

  • Let end-user freedom reign, but at the cost of rogue technology? by: Christina Torode on TotalCIO

    Quote: But as CIOs begin to build the next foundations in an age of cloud computing, shared IT services and the consumerization of IT, I wonder whether they are potentially adding a weak foundational layer, at least in terms of controlling rogue technology. Are they adding to the problem as they accommodate the age of people-centric computing?

  • The Four Personas of the Next-Generation CIO By R “Ray” Wang on BusinessWeek

    Quote: Most of today’s CIOs fit squarely in the Chief Infrastructure Officer persona, dedicating their time and resources struggling to keep the lights on. Shifting into the Chief Integration Officer role will be a smooth transition for most of them, but only a few with a business bent will grow into the Chief Innovation Officer role. On the flip side, many business leaders with a technology bent will evolve into the Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Intelligence Officer roles.

  • Digital Trends: Strategies for Reaching and Influencing Connected Consumers by Brian Solis

    Quote: Your job in 2012 is to not embrace new technology with arms wide open, but instead understand it and learn which disruptive technologies separate you from existing and potential customers.

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