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Links for January 15 2012

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  • The Human Marketing Manifesto by Russ Somers on

    Quote: I am not a lead, I am a person. A human being with human concerns….I was not ‘generated’ by submitting a lead form. I was generated by my parents many years back after a bottle of wine. I existed long before I clicked ’submit’ to get what was supposed to be a useful eBook, but turned out to be a ten-page stealth ad for your product. (hat tip to Elmer Boutin)

  • Projecting Leadership in the Age of Change By Todd Rhoad on UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley

    Quote: Project managers are quickly becoming the single point of contact for the customer, no matter where they are.  They call you with any issue and you take care of it, each and every time.  For the customer, every interaction is like reuniting with an old friend and it’s the project manager’s job to make that happen.

  • Tip for Getting More Organized: Don’t by Michael Schrage on Harvard Business Review

    Quote: The essential takeaway is that the new economics of personal productivity mean that the better organized we try to become, the more wasteful and inefficient we become. We’ll likely get more done better if we give less time and thought to organization and greater reflection and care to desired outcomes. Our job today and tomorrow isn’t to organize ourselves better; it’s to get the right technologies that respond to our personal productivity needs. It’s not that we’re becoming too dependent on our technologies to organize us; it’s that we haven’t become dependent enough.

  • The 2015 Digital Marketing Rule Book. Change, or Perish by Avinash Kaushik on Occam’s Razor

    Quote: The problem, it turns out, is not data. The problem is only partly the data pukers or JavaScript taggers. The real problem is that our management teams lack imagination when it comes to the web, and our marketing executives continue to do TV on Twitter, catalogs on display ads, irrelevant shouting on search, etc.

  • Order Taker Or Solution Creator? by David Brock on Partners in EXCELLENCE Blog

    Quote: I see order takers in all industries, selling all kinds of things–products, services.  They could be big ticket items.  Order takers worry about their order and are oblivious to what the customer is trying to achieve.

  • Don’t Think Different, Think About Different Things by Art Markman on Harvard Business Review

    Quote: Ultimately, the key to innovation is not to “think different,” but rather, to think about different things.

  • The Next Wave Of Technology Led Business Gains by Sadagopan S on CloudAve

    Quote: In this flat economy and a maturing IT discipline, the common denominator across the board is that enterprise suffer from a serious commoditization curve effect and to create and sustain a competitive advantage through IT would call for looking at getting their core business processes get architected very differently and in a manner that competition may not find it easy to imitate or catch-up. Such core processes would in areas like customer support, supply chain, channel management etc. Here the IT system needs to be more flexible and adaptive for varied forms of collaboration as against a rigid form of communication

  • Will Your New CIO Be a CMO? By Jim Ericson on Information Management Blogs Article

    Quote: So, McLellan says, it’s no surprise that marketing is increasingly going to control tech spending and do its own thing. The questions for her are how much will be done independent of IT, how ready marketing is to take the reins and how fast the shift will occur.

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Links for January 15 2012 from @ericdbrown

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