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Links for Jan 6 2013

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  • Open data is not a panacea « mathbabe

    Quote: When important data goes public, the edge goes to the most sophisticated data engineer, not the general public. The Goldman Sachs’s of the world will always know how to make use of “freely available to everyone” data before the average guy.

  • Michael Fauscette: Breaking “Things” into Smaller Pieces

    Quote: One of the byproducts of the Internet is a phenomenon that is impacting all sorts of things, the trend of breaking things into smaller and smaller pieces, dramatically changing the subsequent consumption models. The ability to connect everything using the Internet opened up new business / economic models, new ways of working, new ways to build and manage relationships and many new ways to design  and use technology. From commerce to business processes to software applications the change is starting to create many new options.

  • Rands In Repose: The Process Myth

    Quote: Anyone who interacts with process has a choice. You can either blindly follow the bulleted lists or you can ask why. They’re going to ignore you the first time you ask, the second time, too. The seventh time you will be labeled a troublemaker and you will run the risk of being uninvited to meetings, but I say keep asking why. Ask in a way that illuminates and doesn’t accuse. Listen hard when they attempt to explain and bumble it a bit because maybe they only know a bit of the origin story.

  • Everything is not equally good by David of 37signals

    Quote: The flow of new ideas is far more important. Throw ‘em up, bat ‘em out. Declaring “oh well, that didn’t work out like I thought” is an incredibly liberating feeling. I might even go as far as to say it’s motivating. It’s like clearing your desk or emptying your inbox. Ahh, a fresh start!

  • Why big data might be more about automation than insights — Data | GigaOM

    Quote: Big data technologies are like manufacturing robots: they let people do what they’re already trying to do, only faster than before and at a much greater scale. But as with any other product, that analyzed data is nothing without humans to do something with it.

  • “The Tinkerers”: How corporations kill creativity –

    Quote: Modern-day American companies, especially large public companies, simply find it difficult to justify the inevitable overage of resources required to foster truly free-form tinkering. Even if they appreciate it, their investors rarely do.

  • The First Job of a Leader is to Face Reality – George Ambler On Leading in Turbulent Times

    Quote: Leading in turbulent times requires leaders to face and deal with reality for success. Facing reality means that leaders take time to continuously assess and orientate themselves to the fast changing business environment. Facing reality requires leaders to remain open to new information, ready to adapt their strategies in support of their vision.


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