Links for Jan 27 2013

Technology Consultant - Eric D. Brown | Image for link posts
  • Placing Strategic Bets in the Face of Uncertainty – Roger Martin – Harvard Business Review

    Quote: Strategy means making the best possible choices you can make today and then being responsive when the bets do or do not come in as hoped. In essence, the strategist says “this is what I think will happen,” watches what does happen, and then updates the strategy and bets based on the newest information.

  • New Meme: Business Users Are The IT

    Quote: We are moving into an era where everything from infrastructure to platforms to applications will be consumed as services. In fact, at the application level, we have already moved from a world of monolithic applications to consumption of different features on different apps using different devices. As we slowly evolve into the services model (which at Rishidot Research, we call as Services Ocean Model), organizations will start adopting the Amazon’s service oriented architecture model of consumption. When this shift happens inside the organizations, we will also slowly see a shift where the entire IT will be exposed as services for the end users to consume based on their needs.

  • The War On Computing: What Happens When Authorities Don’t Understand Technology | Techdirt

    Quote: But there is a fundamental disconnect between an older, non-digital generation who doesn’t get this. They think in terms of walls and locks, and clear delineations. The younger generation, the digital native, net savvy generation looks at all of this as information that is available and accessible. The limitation is merely what they can reach with their computer. But this isn’t a bad thing — this is how we discover new things and build and learn

  • CMOs must become systems thinkers and culture champions – Chief Marketing Technologist

    Quote: Every day, consumers are judging brands by what they do and what they say, and people don’t hesitate to tell their friends — or tell the world — about gaps between the marketing promises and the actual experience. So much of a company’s operations are shaped by its culture. As a result, we’re finding more CMOs engaged in discussions about the company’s culture and how this impacts the brand.

  • Are You Playing Your Game Or Someone Else’s? | Partners in EXCELLENCE Blog — Making A Difference

    Quote: We are not playing against the customer!  We are not playing a win lose game!  We need to earn the right to be on the customer’s team.  We’re there to help them achieve their goals and to demonstrate–in every exchange–that we are superior to every alternative.  Ultimately, we’re helping the customer play their game in the best way possible.

  • Three Steps to Big Data Discovery – Social, Agile, and Transformation

    Quote: A top down approach would attempt to document databases, data flows, business rules, data quality, transformations, and application integration. While some of this is clearly needed and important for IT organizations to develop, the task of developing and maintaining rigorous documentation is daunting.

  • Is IT isolated in your organization? Here are ten telltale signs in your IT strategy.

    Quote: It is time for the annual IT kickoff and presentation of the 2013 IT strategy. The kickoff meeting offers a unique opportunity to assess IT, its role in the enterprise, its goals for the coming year, etc.  These sessions provide insight into how isolated IT is from the rest of the enterprise.  Here are ten telltale signs that IT is on an island and seen as apart rather than a part of your company.