Links for Jan 25 2009

Some good stuff out there this week…here’s a few links for your reading pleasure:

Has a business book changed your life? by Jackie Huba on Church of the Customer Blog

10 Cloud Computing Predictions For 2009 by John Foley  on Information Week

Social Media and the Land of Misfit Toys by Thom Singer on Some Assembly Required

Is Open Source inevitable in the Enterprise? by Paul Miller

Influence: Understanding & Fulfilling The Needs of Others by Steve Roesler on All Things Workplace

Seven Virtues of Failure by Micah on Learn to Duck

Technology is Great, but Are We Forgetting to Live? by Sarah Perez on ReadWriteWeb

It’s Simple To Sell More, Because Selling Ain’t Rocket Science by Mike Sigers on Simplenomics

Lessons From The Field: How IT Can Help Sales by Simon Stapleton

Great Placement? by Jonathan Baskin on Dim Bulb

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