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Links for Jan 20 2013

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  • Bridging the Chasm Between IT and the Business

    Quote: The future has to be one in which the massive tensions that exist between IT and the business unit are resolved – companies that find ways to meet the needs of both sides of the divide help to move the discussion from one of risks, problems and barriers to one of rewards, benefits and outcomes.

  • Strategy is Delivery

    Quote: ….start with delivery, not strategy. Stop writing marketing plans and start thinking thoughtfully about what you can deliver next. Find the quick do. Stop implementing big campaigns and start experimenting. Iterate wildly off those experiments. And each step of the way, remind yourself to keep it simpler, clearer, faster.

  • Scaling Up Without Losing Your Edge – Susan Davis – Harvard Business Review

    Quote: When demand is spotted — say, a need for financial literacy training and microfinance products tailored for teens, in the case of ELA — the organization doesn’t waste time figuring out how to do things elegantly. It moves. It then assesses the pilot and adapts accordingly, which could mean eliminating the entire program if necessary. To do this requires stringent internal monitoring, and BRAC is often its own harshest critic via an independent research and evaluation division set up in 1975.

  • Stacks get hacked: The inevitable rise of data warfare – O’Reilly Radar

    Quote: Data warfare is real. In some cases, such as spam, it’s been around for decades. In other cases, like tampering with a competitor’s data, it’s been possible, but too expensive, until cloud computing and new algorithms made it cheap and easy. And in many new instances, it’s possible precisely because of our growing dependence on information to lead our daily lives.

  • Asking Smart Big Data Questions – Social, Agile, and Transformation

    Quote: The best questions usually target more strategic transformations and often require correlating information from multiple data sources. The answers may demonstrate collaboration opportunities by showing how activity performed by one organization affect others. They help connect customer behavior to operational activities or decisions around the supply chain.


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