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Links for Jan 13 2013

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  • Ideas are the Core of a Leadership Philosophy

    Quote: Great leaders lead, with ideas, not through positional power, authority or command. Ideas have significant power to shape the future of people, organisations and even nations. Ideas frame and form our understanding of the world. Ideas inform our beliefs and norms. Ideas drive our behaviour and actions. Ideas have enormous power to inspire change and transform worldviews.

  • Front Load Your IT Projects

    Quote: The challenge in many IT projects used to be developing and implementing solutions. And that’s still a big and important piece, but it’s typically no longer the hardest or most critical factor for success. Before moving toward solutions, considerable time should be spent defining things up front, reviewing options and approaches, acknowledging and contemplating the organizational challenges, considering the broader context. The project team, stakeholders, vendors, sponsors, and others can then be engaged to debate issues, make decisions, and commit to a path forward.

  • Fanning the Flames of Big Data –

    Quote: At the end of the day, if we can help fan the flames of Big Data, maybe CEOs would start to trust CMOs and their teams, CMOs would become data analytics driven, claim their unfair advantage, and we would see the CMO job tenure last longer.

  • The Technology Model is changing from Computing to Consumption

    Quote: Digital technology in general and mobile technology in particular is changing the basis of the compute model.  Mobile devices shift value from the technical ability to compute data to the personal ability to consume information and media.  Sure we talk about the processors in the latest smart phone, but that is an aside.  In fact companies that have touted compute over consumption often find themselves in nerd niches rather than appealing to the mass market.

  • How People Learn

    Quote: Alison Gopnik, says “I don’t think there’s any scientist who thinks the way we typically do university courses has anything to do with the best methods for getting people to learn. ”

  • Who Owns Your UX Philosophy?

    Quote: I’ve come to appreciate the important of a single person in the company owning the UX with this person being the arbiter of discussion around how to implement the UX. There’s nothing wrong with lots of different perspectives, but a single mind has to own it, synthesize it, and dictate the philosophy. But first, they have to understand the difference between UI and UX, and – more importantly – the product-oriented execs who approach things from an engineering perspective need to understand this.


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