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Links for Feb 3 2013

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  • Be Vulnerable – Feld Thoughts

    Quote: The great leaders I know are vulnerable. Maybe not to everyone, maybe not all the time, and maybe not in all contexts. But the allow themselves to be, simply, themselves. Human. They allow others in. They know they can be wrong. They know they can fail. And they know they can improve. Vulnerable.

  • We need a good business reason for investing in IT

    Quote: Without a good business reason, IT has become insular in its outlook. IT has become functional in its orientation.  IT has become a cost of doing business part of SG&A expenses rather than central to the company’s revenue and margins.   In the 2013 CIO survey, CIOs reported that on average enterprises realize only 43% of technology’s potential.  43%! After years of investment, major operating budget outlays, blown products and new the technologies IT’s average score doesn’t even rate a grade of D.

  • Science as a service – O’Reilly Radar

    Quote: These facets of science as a service are just some of the ways that IT principles are being applied to the realm of research. There’s also exciting activity happening around crowdsourced science, open science, and crowdfunding for scientific research. If you’re a scientist, lab head, or SciAAS startup founder who’s reading this, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the changing face of scientific research in the comments below.

  • Michael Fauscette: Is Social Business Dead?

    Quote: We’re at a critical phase for many businesses trying to socialize business processes. I think that unfortunately many companies have expected the changes to move faster that is really possible. Changing behavior is hard and requires a lot of focus and support. Behavior and culture are intertwined, changing behavior changes culture over time, and the changed culture can move and change behavior. When we went through the business process reengineering phase in the 1990’s the change process, although hard, was faster and different than what we’re facing today. We’re talking about finding new ways of working together, not just adding automation and changing the business process to accommodate it

  • Bringing big data to bear on big security — Tech News and Analysis

    Quote: Vendors from tiny startups to giants like RSA, IBM and Cisco are rushing to incorporate big data expertise to beef up IT security.

  • Internet Evolution – IT Clan Editor’s Blog – Open Letter to Business From IT Re: Big-Data

    Quote: Many failed big-data projects don’t succeed because they lacked data context and didn’t connect the dots; in other words, there was a data-analysis talent gap, the survey found. We have a lot of information scattered throughout siloed repositories; without an accurate assessment, we cannot create a cohesive big-data solution that meets our organization’s needs. We need to do that together.

  • The World Needs Your Story | Becoming Minimalist

    Quote: Be bold with this truth. Don’t be afraid of the questions or the rejection of the message. No matter how your story is received in the moment, it will always spark a new thought-process in the mind of your listener. And for some, it will become the first step in their own personal journey of discovering a better life.

  • Empathize Not Sympathize : CloudAve

    Quote: It’s the job of a product manager, designer, and a developer to assess the end user needs—have empathy for them—and then design software that meets or exceeds their needs in a way that is usable. That way they don’t have to sympathize later on.

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