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Links for Feb 27 2001

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  • It is all about The Customer by Neil Pearce

    Quote: Too often we in the IT department are seen as being out of touch by other people within the business and make strange decisions where we do IT for the sake of IT are often at the heart of it. This doesn’t mean that you don’t experiment to learn if something has value, but does everybody really need the latest iPad to figure out if it has a business benefit? Technology is great but it is an enabler to make lives better for Customers and profits for the business. We need to and must want to use our technology, process and people skills to make better products and generate wealth for our investors.

  • The end of the IT department – (37signals)

    Quote: You no longer need a tech person at the office to man “the server room.” Responsibility for keeping the servers running has shifted away from the centralized IT department. Today you can get just about all the services that previously required local expertise from a web site somewhere.

  • Leadership and Knowledge Management by Mike Myatt on N2Growth Blog

    Quote: It’s one thing to possess knowledge, but it’s quite another thing to leverage it. Leaders who don’t understand the value of distributable and actionable knowledge not only limit opportunities, but they’re also building huge contingent operating liabilities. One of great challenges for any leader is to break down cultural tendencies that foster silo-centric thought patterns. Savvy leaders understand that controlling knowledge diminishes value, while releasing knowledge creates value

  • Companies Aren’t Communities by By Michael Idinopulos on Enterprise Social Software Blog | Socialtext

    Quote: In the enterprise, we need to take a more pragmatic approach. As the old saying goes, “The business of business is business.” Social software fails when it tries to turn businesses into consumer-style communities. It succeeds when it turns businesses into better businesses.

  • Conversations and Success by Wally Bock on Three Star Leadership Blog

    Quote: Here’s the sequence. Show up a lot. Have conversations. Relationships will develop and the odds for success will improve

  • Calling the Shots: How to Be the CEO of Your Own Life by Flexo on Get Rich Slowly

    Quote: There was a time in my life when I wasn’t making any difference for myself, for my future. My finances suffered, my attitude suffered, and I was headed for imminent disaster. Now, I call the shots — all of them. I still have a lot of work to do and more to learn, but now I’m motivated by the idea that whether I succeed or fail, it’s only the choices that I make that lead me to that point.

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Published: Links for Feb 27 2001

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Links for Feb 27 2001: It is all about The Customer by Neil PearceQuote: Too often we in the IT department are s…

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Always good ones! RT @wallybock: Fm @ericdbrown: Links for Feb 27 2001