Links for Feb 20 2011

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  • A System for Speaking IT Truths to CEOs – Robert Plant on the Harvard Business Review

    Quote: One of the protocols that’s used for teaching medical students how to break bad news goes by the (perhaps unfortunate) acronym SPIKES (setting up the interview; assessing the patient’s perception; obtaining the patient’s invitation; giving knowledge; addressing the patient’s emotions; and establishing a treatment strategy). I was so taken with it that I’ve adapted it for my exec ed classes to help CIOs learn how to speak difficult truths more easily and effectively.

  • On pricing power by Seth Godin on Seth’s Blog

    Quote: The goal, no matter what you sell, is to be seen as irreplaceable, essential and priceless. If you are all three, then you have pricing power. When the price charged is up to you, when you have the power to set the price, there is a line out the door and you can use pricing as a signaling mechanism, not merely a way to make a living.

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