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Links for Feb 17 2013

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  • Strong CIO, C-suite Relationships Drive Growth — CIO Dashboard

    Quote: Your ability as a CIO to cultivate strong relationships with your C-suite peers is paramount to your professional success in an environment where IT is expected to generate revenue and enhance the customer experience. But more than your career longevity is on the line. The profitability of your company is at stake.

  • Accept Taking Risks, Don’t Blithely Accept Failure Though » Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog

    Quote: “Fail fast” is not really about failing, though it uses that word. It is about learning quickly, at a low cost, by using wise strategies. If you see learning what won’t work as failing then you want to encourage failure. But that is not a useful way to look at things, in my opinion. The strategy behind failing fast is wise. But it is really just about piloting changes or innovations on a small scale and learning about your customers quickly and iterating quickly.

  • Data is marketing’s gateway drug to software fluency – Chief Marketing Technologist

    Quote: But here’s the revelation: every stage of this circle of life of data involves configuring, tinkering, hacking, or outright developing software. Being data-driven is about fluidly adapting and improving an organization’s operations, and in a digital world, such change almost always manifests itself through changes to software.

  • Your Innovation Problem Is Really a Leadership Problem – Scott Anthony – Harvard Business Review

    Quote: Further, leaders can’t just set the context and hope that innovation happens. Innovation is enough of an unnatural act in most companies (which were built to scale yesterday’s business model, not discover tomorrow’s) that it requires the day-by-day attention of the company’s top leadership team or it simply won’t stick.

  • Good for Owners, Bad for Humans

    Quote: Folks, if it’s bad for the humans, then it’s ultimately bad for the owner too. Historically, we accepted that as a cost of doing business–disaffected workers. It’s less necessary now. But it requires some new processes. Less control. More clarity. More courage. More learning. Figuring this stuff out will provide a competitive advantage.

  • Can UX Save Enterprise IT? – Robert Fabricant and Greg Petroff – Harvard Business Review

    Quote: The next wave of innovation will be driven by business-grade solutions that combine real-time analytics and improved UX to support better decision-making in a host of new areas. These innovations will range from how we manage large-scale infrastructure such as urban traffic, to how we manage our heating bills at home; from how we manage collaboration on a trading desk to how we prioritize our personal email inboxes.

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