Links for Feb 10 2013

Technology Consultant - Eric D. Brown | Image for link posts
  • Don’t Let Strategy Become Planning – Roger Martin – Harvard Business Review

    Quote: To make strategy more interesting — and different from a budget — we need to break free of this obsession with planning. Strategy is not planning — it is the making of an integrated set of choices that collectively position the firm in its industry so as to create sustainable advantage relative to competition and deliver superior financial returns. I find that once this is made clear to line managers they recognize that strategy is not just fancily-worded budgeting and they get much more interested in it.

  • Presentation Zen: To live is to have a story to tell

    Quote: A takeaway line: "If you write a screenplay without conflict or crisis, you’ll bore your audience to tears." We can apply the spirit of this to the world of multimedia presentations as well. You do not have to create material to rival Citizen Kane, but your message can be communicated much better if you identify the conflict and the journey to resolve the conflict while making it clear why your audience should care.

  • Why big data matters and data-ism doesn’t — Tech News and Analysis

    Quote: Not all data analysis is created equal, and understanding the difference is critical as our society places a greater value on listening to the data. Using big data to cure disease is one thing, using statistics to ruin my sports-watching is quite another.

  • Creativity and Success

    Quote: Get the ideas – then go do them. Perhaps, that next idea is the one that will lead you to new levels of success. Remember the quotation says often success is an idea away – there is no guarantee that the next idea is the one. What is guaranteed is with no new ideas or new actions, you will get more of the same.

  • Solving Big-Data Bottleneck | HMS

    Quote: In a study that represents a potential cultural shift in how basic science research can be conducted, researchers from Harvard Medical School, Harvard Business School and London Business School have demonstrated that a crowdsourcing platform pioneered in the commercial sector can solve a complex biological problem more quickly than conventional approaches—and at a fraction of the cost.

  • The IT game is a stalemate, time to define a new Technology Game

    Quote: It is time for a new game as the current IT game is becoming a little like tic-tack-toe where experienced players realize that the game ends in a stalemate.  Lets define this game together and in the process establish the context, goals, rules, feedback and participation required for success in the coming digital decade.