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Links for December 26 2010

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  • Social Media Marketing Won’t Fix Your Infrastructure Problem by David Armano on Logic+Emotion

    Quote: Every business has a series of systems and infrastructure in place to keep it running. Even if the goal is to EVOLVE the communications/marketing arm of your organization because you fundamentally believe that the game is changing—there is no way to do it without picking up the hood and looking at the engine. Not just the oil or the windshield fluid level, but the ENTIRE engine.

  • When “Losing Bob” Is More than Just “Losing Bob” by Josh LeTourneau on Fistful of Talent

    Quote: … Bob is replaceable like a peg in a car while playing the game of Life.  Words like ‘automate’, ‘process’, ‘controls’, ‘waste’, ‘re-engineer’, etc. tell her that her company is a huge assembly line in a broader Supply-Chain.  In her mind, the Ghosts of Henry Ford and Frederick Taylor collide with visions of the Industrial Revolution, giving her confidence that all she has to do is hire someone and pop them in Bob’s vacated role.  Simple.  Easy.  Linear.  The faster she can put a name in the (now) blank box on the OrgChart, the better . . .

  • The Power of Twitter in Information Discovery by Mark Suster on Both Sides of the Table

    Quote: The most beautiful thing about being a Twitter consumer to me is that just reading Twitter is now a new source of information and entertainment – even without clicking on the links.  It is, in and of itself, news.  And entertainment.  When I’m stuck between meetings, at an airport, waiting for a movie to start – I pull out my mobile device and start flicking through the stream.

  • In Corporate IT, The Cloud Changes Everything by Eric Savitz on Tech Musings – Forbes

    Quote: A few weeks back, I was on a panel of media pundits asked to make predictions about what might happen in the technology business in 2011. One prominent member of our group, seeking to stake out a bold, contrarian position, asserted that 2011 would be the year that “cloud computing” would be revealed to be a big nothing, an over-hyped concept that in the end is more about marketing than actual technology.

  • What is IT’s market share, and what do you do about it by Mark McDonald on The Garnter Blog Network

    Quote: In this case thinking about IT market share helps illustrate the need for a new way of thinking about the value, importance and how you manage IT.

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Links for December 26 2010: Social Media Marketing Won’t Fix Your Infrastructure Problem by David Armano on Logi…

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