Links for December 18 2011

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  • The difference between a failure and a mistake by Seth Godin

    Quote: We need a lot more failures, I think. Failures that don’t kill us make us bolder, and teach us one more way that won’t work, while opening the door to things that might.

  • Real Fakeness and the Hanging Man by Tim Knight on Slope Of Hope

    Quote: Shun fakery. Embrace reality. Be honest with yourself and honest with those around you. This world has got more than its fair share of scams, glitter, and avarice. You can be better than that. Be that way, and do so quietly. You’ll be happier for it in the end.

  • Follow the money from IT to marketing by Scott Brinker on Chief Marketing Technologist

    Quote: “The continued trend toward consumerization and cloud computing highlight the movement of certain former IT responsibilities into the hands of others,” said Daryl Plummer, managing VP and Gartner fellow. “As users take more control of the devices they will use, business managers are taking more control of the budgets IT organizations have watched shift over the last few years.”

  • Micromanaging Angst by Jim Highsmith

    Quote: When we think of micromanaging, the “bad” kind, we are usually thinking about it in the context of managing the “how,” the detail list of tasks and endless focus on process. While adaptive, agile leadership should focus on vision, engaging, and boundaries—it should also be about “product” management, or leadership—about creating outstanding, innovative products. The first part is macro-management, the second micro.

  • Beware the Social Business Siren Song by Olivier Blanchard on The BrandBuilder Blog

    Quote: Becoming a social business doesn’t necessarily help a businesses create more value for anyone or become better at what it does.

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