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Links for Dec 9 2012

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  • Big Data and Discovery « Inside the Biz with Jill Dyche

    Quote: The sooner business executives understand the value of knowledge discovery, the more likely they can mobilize their organizations, introduce or revise analysis processes, and hire skilled resources that can ultimately differentiate them from their competitors. Indeed it’s through these low-hypothesis, high-reward surprises that companies can innovate and begin to thrive anew.

  • Are we asking the right questions concerning the future of IT?

    Quote: If you step back and look at the fundamentals you can make a case that IT is in deep and even existentialist trouble.  Trouble not at the individual firm level, there will always be leaders and late followers, but trouble to the extent that incremental change; adjustment and improvement may not be able to address IT’s strategic, organizational and operational relevance in the future.

  • Why You Need to Contradict Yourself » Communication » professional development » Self Improvement » Brass Tack Thinking

    Quote: If you haven’t looked back on your viewpoints and questioned yourself at least once, you’re likely surrounding yourself with yes-men and sycophants, falling terrible victim to confirmation bias, or severely limiting your experiences by staying inside your comfort zone.

  • CIO and HRO Data Analytics Collaboration — CIO Dashboard

    Quote: HR has the information to cultivate a real-time, data-driven decision making culture. In turn, CIOs have the data management skills to harvest and harness the data. CIOs need to demonstrate their ability to strategically partner with and effectively counsel business units. HR is low hanging fruit. The data is there and the executives are ready to find their business voice to claim a seat at the table.

  • Too many talking shops, not enough action | ZDNet

    Quote: From a business perspective never underestimate the power of genuine core contributors – respect, reward and acknowledge  their efforts and its value over time…the twinkling lights of alternative places to convene in the outside world have never burned brighter, and there has never been a greater need to focus minds on where information should reside within business organizations, and to acknowledge valuable insights from its true sources.?log=out

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