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Links for Dec 30 2012

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  • Amazon: Five predictions for 2013 | Internet & Media – CNET News

    Quote: Amazon, the e-commerce juggernaut, will likely keep steamrolling every category it can possibly deem relevant to its business strategy

  • Digging In: Founders: Stop Pitching, Start Engaging

    Quote: Authentic engagement will get you a lot further than plastering your pitch everywhere. Build relationships–and that takes time and consideration–and you’ll get closer to achieving your goals.

  • Jim’s Notebook: Think Twice

    Quote: Aside of that, there are problems with information-gathering: it is much more selective than most would care to admit.   We have certain expectations and are keen on information that is in line with what we anticipate, but dismiss anything that doesn’t fit as being irrelevant, or focus or scope so tightly that we a fail to consider the breadth of relevant factors and possible outcomes.

  • Why 2013 Will Look Like 1613, And What It Means For Marketing – Forbes

    Quote: First, communities will become meaningful, or they’ll disappear. Guilds were partially an organizational substitute for prior feudal communities run by nobles lording over serfs. Trades emerged during the Renaissance to harness application of new technologies, and unions organized to address changing social structures during the Industrial Revolution. All of these groupings got ever-harder to join, and required things of its members in exchange for real benefits (including dues).

  • PLOS Computational Biology: Ten Simple Rules for the Open Development of Scientific Software

    Quote: If you have the choice, embracing an open approach to development has tremendous benefits. It allows you to build on the work of other scientists, and enables others to build on your own efforts. To make the development of open scientific software more rewarding and the experience of using software more positive, the following ten rules are intended to serve as a guide for any computational scientist.


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