Links for August 8 2010

  • Shadow IT vs. Shadow Marketing By Scott Brinker on Chief Marketing Technologist

    Quote: IT people work for IT. Marketing people work for marketing. And, as illustrated with the dangers of shadow marketing, marketing technology is now an integral part of marketing’s strategy and execution. The people working on it need to have their focus — and more importantly, their passion — on marketing outcomes. You can’t get there with dotted lines and chargebacks.

  • Financial Steroids by Aaron Wall on

    Quote: Money can be a great lever. And if you have a lot of it certainly it makes sense to use it to your advantage. But the compounding interest on debt is also a lever working against you. It is what forces us to have recessions.

  • Do This One Thing and You’ll Rise Above Your Peers by Donald Miller

    Quote: If you want to be a person of influence, or if you want to lead, or for that matter if you want to succeed, start reading. These days, you have less competition than your parents had, or their parents for that matter. If you read as few as fifty books, you’ll be considered a genius. Subscribe to the Economist and read a handful of articles each week and your friends will wonder when you intend to run for congress.

  • Looking for An Answer by Moose Peterson

    Quote: I’ve been looking for an answer for over thirty years, ever since I picked up a camera and decided to make it my career. I remember all to clearly leaving a night college class and thinking out loud, “What’s the answer?” And here’s the problem. I don’t know the question. Seriously, I know the answer is out there, the one that will make it all work, make it all right, the one that will solves all the problems and put everything in its right place. But if there is an answer, shouldn’t there be a question?

  • How LeBron James shows us it is time for a new job search by Scot Herrick on Cube Rules

    Quote: The critical piece here is to know the work you do best, how you do your work the best, and what environment best matches up to your best. If you do not understand this, you will never get happiness from your corporate experience. If you do understand how you do your best work and consistently analyze how long a job will last, you will be light years ahead of your coworkers. Especially if your coworkers are jumping for joy at the signing of LeBron James and not realizing the signing was the death of their job.

  • You Don’t Sell To A Community. You Support A Community by Dan Blank on Publishing, Innovation & the Web

    Quote: Suddenly, every company is “developing” a community online, or engaging an existing community, at least in their marketing plans. But a crowd isn’t a community. A market is not a community.

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