Links for August 5 2012

Technology Consultant - Eric D. Brown | Image for link posts
  • Data Scientists Should Be Design Thinkers

    Quote: Big Data is about redefining (yet another design thinking element, referred to as “reframing the problem”) what data actually means to you and its power resides in combining and correlating these two data sets.

  • Focusing on Metrics that Matter

    Quote: Organizations looking to measure anything should be tying their metrics back to their objectives, this isn’t collaboration specific it applies to anything in business.  Keep in mind that there are two ways to measure success by using hard data or anecdotal data.  If as an organization your goal is to improve communication within your organization you can measure this by looking at quarterly or bi-yearly employee surveys where you can ask if employees feel that communication is being improved.  If your measure of success is looking at employee adoption rates then any vendor you go with should be able to give you these numbers as a part of their offering.

  • Big data as a tool for detecting (and punishing?) bullies — Cloud Computing News

    Quote: A group of University of Wisconsin researchers have developed a machine learning algorithm that’s identifying more than 15,000 tweets per day relating to bullying — complete with loads of associated sociological insights — which begs the question of how to act on that data. How do you govern a social web that can be simultaneously a communication platform, a research lab full of unknowing subjects and a boiling-over pot of criminal evidence?

  • Twitter at a crossroads: Economic value vs. information value — Tech News and Analysis

    Quote: Rightly or wrongly, users seem to see Twitter’s behavior in the Adams case as evidence that it is willing to throw free speech under the bus in order to maintain commercial relationships. If that isn’t the case (which I hope it isn’t), then Twitter needs to figure out how to repair that impression as quickly as possible — or risk jeopardizing the very thing that has gotten it to this point in the first place.?log=out