Links for August 21 2011

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  • Dump the SLA. Service expectations matter more by Rodrigo Flores GigaOm Cloud Computing News

    Quote: To improve SLAs we need to work on two questions. First, what are the operational expectations I should have in terms of reliability, availability, performance, security? … Therefore, specific operational expectations are very important to determine the suitability of the infrastructure for a specific application.

  • When ideas become powerful by Seth Godin

    Quote: Ideas are going to continue to become more valuable, which means that the urge to control and patrol them is going to get greater.

  • We Can’t Describe What We Don’t Understand by Elliot Ross on Strategic Technology

    Quote: When it comes to technology or processes, I advise people to temporarily ignore the measurement or statistics long enough to tell the story first! I think you would be surprised how incredibly powerful stories are  in getting us into a shared vocabulary.

  • Using Data Analysis to Predict the Future by Zach Sachen on CIO Dashboard

    Quote: The CIO will play a critical role in giving a company the power of prediction. This is a powerful ability – let’s hope it impacts the world for the better. In the meantime, think about how well positioned your company is when it comes to prediction.

  • Our Distracted World by Kneale Mann

    Quote: So often we feel we’re going to miss something so we create clutter instead of progress. Companies adopt a new imitative for fear the competition will get a leg up. Someone on Twitter self proclaims some tactic and it makes us wonder if we should adopt it. Every one of our profiles on the social web has a counter on it and the numbers begin to distract us as if they are actually important.

  • Little Dogs and High Flying Pee by Danny Brown

    Quote: You decide how you’re perceived. You define how polished you are. You define how big you appear.

  • Business and IT Alignment? A Stupid Concept by Arun Manansingh on A CIO’s Voice

    Quote: The concept of business and IT not aligning is a foreign concept to me. Other departments such as accounting and marketing departments don’t have this mandate that they must align with the business because they do. Why is IT any different? By our very existence we are in alignment with the business.

  • There’s Always a Plan B by Steve Blank

    Quote: To do this you are instinctually creating and testing multiple hypotheses which are creating an infinite number of possible future plans. And when the inevitable happens and some or all your assumptions were wrong, you pivot your model into the next plan and continue forward.  You do this until you find a scalable and repeatable business model or you die by running out of money.

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