Links for August 19 2012

Technology Consultant - Eric D. Brown | Image for link posts
  • When Everything is Taken Away, We See Who We Truly Are | Becoming Minimalist

    Quote: Done correctly, minimalism is far more than just an outward journey focused on possessions. It is also the ultimate journey inward resulting in valuable self-exploration and self-discovery. And when everything is taken away, we begin to see who we truly are.

  • Push, push, push. Expanding your comfort zone. | Derek Sivers

    Quote: I love that when we push push push, we expand our comfort zone. Things that used to feel intimidating now are as comfortable as home.

  • Big Data–Over Hyped Buzzword or Enterprise Focus?

    Quote: The key to ensuring that organizations can actually use this data for positive outcomes however is to simplify the analysis of this data. With the ever increasing demand for data scientists, it will increasingly be important to automate the identification of what is, and is not, valuable data. Other than the largest enterprises, organizations cannot afford to invest in in-house data scientists and it is for this reason that both traditional approaches to querying data and a new generation of automated data extraction tools will come to the fore in the next few years

  • Marketers Flunk the Big Data Test – Patrick Spenner and Anna Bird – Harvard Business Review

    Quote: The bad news for marketing leaders is that ability to filter out noise is rare (only about 10% of marketers excel here) and hard to teach. The good news is that a well-guided team environment can protect noise chasers from themselves — by providing blinkers that keep “bright shiny objects” out of view. To drive effective data use, the best marketing leaders reiterate critical business goals constantly (to keep them front-of-mind despite distractions), teach marketers to put data front and center in their decision making, and sensitize marketers to common data interpretation mistakes.This enables even the most distractible data lovers to overachieve.

  • You Can’t Start the Revolution from the Country Club – Anil Dash

    Quote: But you can’t fix a broken culture once it’s been set on its way. You can’t take the power of privilege away from those who are gifted with it as a network is born. All you can do is try to distribute that power as broadly as possible early on, while your network is still forming, in order to allow for the serendipity and inclusiveness that will let a piece of technology reach its highest potential.

  • “The problem is very rarely data…” – Chief Marketing Technologist

    Quote: In Avinash’s view, business optimization in the digital world requires mastering three things:

    Influence — reaching the right people at the right time with the right message
    Experience — delivering remarkable customer experiences in all channels
    Value — recognizing the economic value in all customer interactions

    “Behind all of this is enormous amounts of data,” he acknowledged. “But if you’re not good at these three things, it is impossible for you to succeed, even if you have more data than God.”

  • Everyone Wants a Number

    Quote: This answer underscores a key point: your number is only going to be as accurate as your requirements.  Good requirements = accurate number