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Links for April 5 2009

How your organization’s IT department can help support your social media strategy by Beth Kanter

Purpose First, Strategy Second, Structure Third by Mark Howell on Strategy Central

How Business Underestimates the Power of Belief by Charles H. Green on Trust Matters

When Giving IT Information, More Is Better by Dr. Jim Anderson on The Business of IT

All Tweet and No Cattle by John Jantsch on Duct Tape Marketing

Consider your market window as part of your product strategy by Jeff Lash on How To Be a Good Product Manager

Does Transparency Lead To More Ethical Behavior? by Bas de Baar on Project Shrink

When thinking isn’t an option – tell a story by Glenn Whitfield on IT Business Alignment (IT2B)

Why It’s Not About the Tools (Again) by Amber Naslund on Altitude Branding

Unconventional Business Ideas by Chris Guillebeau on The Art of Nonconformity

SMART Goals does not equal Smart Management by Scot Herrick on Cube Rules

Don’t Force It: Roam Before You Pave by Paul Williams on Marketing Profs Daily Fix

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Links for April 5 2009: How your organization’s IT department can help support your social media strategyby Beth..

15 years ago

New blog post: Links for April 5 2009