Links for April 3 2011

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  • IT Outsourcing: Study Highlights Impediments to Innovation

    Quote: Most IT service providers are equally mired, focusing on their bread-and-butter IT services rather than any kind of innovation consulting. “Many outsourcing vendors are capable of delivering incremental or radical innovation to their clients,” Oshri says. “However, they lack the capability of guiding and consulting their clients regarding the management of innovation. This pitfall in some outsourcing vendors could be the result of their concentration on mainstream outsourcing services—often their cash cow—rather than on an emerging area such as innovation.”

  • Big Ideas. Big Plans. Big Business by Kneale Mann

    Quote: You can live in theory and spend all day thinking big. It’s an entirely new level to do what it takes to deliver big results. I have many big plans that remain comfortably tucked inside the safety of my mind. I’m sure you have some too. That way we can find solace in the fact that they ‘could’ work someday with flawless execution.

  • Exploring the Devil’s Triangle by Michael Krigsman on ZDNet

    Quote: The best software vendors and integrators go far beyond the call of duty to assist their customers. Likewise, smart technology buyers respect the experience of their external consultants and compensate them fairly. Beyond vendor compensation, however, technology buyers should strive to surface hidden expectation mismatches among internal groups — but that’s a subject for another post.”

  • An inspiring case of IT-marketing governance by Scott Brinker on Chief Marketing Technologist

    Quote: I’ve advocated before that IT doesn’t need to own and implement all technology in an organization in order to provide valuable guidance and oversight. Instead, the CIO can provide governance on independently operated technology projects much in the same way that the CFO provides financial governance for other departments — while still letting those groups wield their budgets without micromanagement.

  • The Most Powerful Sales Technique in the World by Christopher S. Penn on Awaken Your Superhero

    Quote: Here’s the even more secret flip side: if you master the ability to shut up and wait for the other person to say something, chances are their own nervousness at uncomfortable silence will provoke them into saying something first, and then it’s your game.

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