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Links for April 29 2012

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  • Stop Blabbing About Innovation And Start Actually Doing It by Aaron Shapiro on Fast Company

    Quote: If your business can’t innovate, it won’t survive when the startup in the garage across town that doesn’t have to answer to your shareholders does all the things legal has been telling you that you can’t do, all the things that you don’t have time for. It’s never been more urgent to stop talking about innovation and actually start doing things differently. And, with digital, the opportunities have never been greater. Instead of innovating on your weekends, overcome the structural impediments and time constraints to real change by approaching innovation from two directions: outside-in and inside-out.

  • When good CMS projects go bad by Jeff Cram on The CMS Myth

    Quote: Perhaps the biggest site killer has to do with the people you put around a CMS. I’m always amazed to see organizations spend six (and seven) figures for a new platform and go through a 1-2 year process only to not invest in any full time content folks to oversee it. The editorial teams that keep the digital lights on are almost always understaffed and underfunded. There’s an incorrect thought that a CMS should reduce the amount of people who need to work on the web, when in reality it almost always requires more resources.

  • Big Data = BI + ADD by Bob Warfield on SmoothSpan Blog

    Quote: The simple fact is that we are moving from a world of intuition and gut feel to a world of data and analytical thinking.  Before we had the data, intuition was all we had to fall back on when making decisions.  It’s better than nothing, but it can result in spectacular failures.  I’m fond of telling the story of a certain expensive marketing program that went very wrong that was based on someone’s gut feel.  It involved spending a lot of money without producing much of a result.  When my friend Marc Randolph, someone who is very analytical in their thinking, was asked why it failed, he said, “I don’t know, but it was tragically knowable.”  He meant the idea should have been tested at much smaller volumes before all that wood was put behind an arrow that was doomed to miss.

  • Do you have a people strategy? by Seth Godin

    Quote: Figure out the people part and the technology gets a whole lot simpler.

  • The business value of CIO and CMO partnerships by Harvey Koeppel on SearchCIO

    Quote: There’s this tremendous opportunity for CIO and CMO partnerships to be reimagined or reinvented. We definitely see an opportunity around many of the newer technologies — things like cloud computing or data analytics or mobility. These technologies are really changing the landscape of how companies are doing business and are still in many cases at an emerging state.

  • People Need Community. Period. – Brian Shea

    Quote: It looks to me like we are once again trying to figure out what institutions we need to help build communities that bridge the gap between the personal and professional. And I suspect that social media and the Internet will have a big role to play in helping us organize those communities.

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